The Wedding Gateway is your gateway to a whole host of professional wedding suppliers across the country. And here, the team have asked some of their favourite wedding companies for their top tips on how to have a dream day on a tight budget. Notebooks at the ready…


Save on RSVPs

To save on RSVP cards and envelopes, why not request RSVPs to an email address? You could create a new account specifically for your wedding replies and keep them all in one handy place.

That Special Day Stationery’s, Manchester Wedding Supplier

Fake your cake

If you want a tall wedding cake but your guest list or budget does not stretch to this, ask your cake maker about adding dummy tiers to get the same grand effect for half the price.

Cakexstacy, Dorset Wedding Supplier

Double up your decorations

Choose flowers and wedding decor that can be used more than once in different areas throughout the day. For example, the flowers on the registrar’s table can be used on the top table afterwards.

Rose Blossom, Essex Wedding Supplier


Budget-savvy accessories

When buying your wedding jewellery, speak to your supplier about the style and design you want. They may be able to advise you if a cheaper alternative is available by using slightly different materials.

Star Stealer, Cambridgeshire Wedding Supplier

Save on suppliers

Review all the services offered by a particular supplier. You may get discounts if you book them for more than one service on the day as they will already be at your venue.

Racing Snail Creative Entertainment, Surrey Wedding Supplier


Trial runs

When booking your hair and make-up trial, try to book it on a day that you are going to a special occasion, maybe your hen do. That way, you get to show off your beautiful make-up and hair and it’s also a great test of how long it will stay put on the day itself.

Dawn Taylor Beauty, Essex Wedding Supplier

Upcycle your jewellery

If you have some old jewellery that you no longer wear, or a sentimental piece that isn’t to your taste then why not recycle it? You can trade in your old metal towards the cost of your new wedding bands or have a ring made to your taste using the metal from the older piece.

The Wedding Ring Store, Online Wedding Supplier

Budget-friendly favours

You can make savings by using your favours as place name settings at the reception. Just add a tag to the favour and you have two details in one!

WrapperStar – Online Wedding Supplier


Hire, don’t buy

Hiring over buying is not only friendlier on your bank balance, it also takes the stress away from sourcing items, setting up and clearing down, allowing you more time to enjoy the build up to your special day.

Linen & Lace, Dorset Wedding Supplier

Colour match your details

If you need colour swatches to help suppliers match the colour for your wedding, why not head to your local DIY store and pick up some of the paint colour cards that match the colour you are looking for? You can then pick up a few and share them with your suppliers as needed. That way, you won’t waste money on details of the wrong colour.

Jill The Cakemaker, Hampshire Wedding Supplier

Good hair day

If you have booked your bridal hairstylist, book in for your colour and cut before the wedding with her. Some wedding hairdressers will offer a discount on everyday hairdressing to their brides!

C D Hair, Oxfordshire Wedding Supplier

Savvy gifts

If you’re on a budget choose table decorations and flowers that you can give to your wedding party as gifts. Topiary tree centrepieces are perfect for this!

Made With Love By Lynn, Buckinghamshire Wedding Supplier


Swap and save

For a summer wedding welcome drink that won’t break the bank, swap expensive Champagne for an elderflower cordial with sparkling wine and serve in chic vintage Champagne saucers.

Forget-me-not Vintage, Dorset Wedding Supplier

Make a list

List your wedding details in order of importance and work your budget from top to bottom starting with what is most important to you on your day. It could be the dress, the food, the entertainment – every couple’s wedding essentials are different. What are yours?

Serenityvintageweddings, Worcestershire Wedding Supplier


Tactical transport

For your wedding transport, start with a plan of who needs transportation and where they need to be transported to and from. If the travel distance isn’t too far some companies may be able to accommodate multiply journeys within their standard package for you to help you manage your budget more effectively.

Bay Camper Weddings, Lancashire Wedding Supplier

Don’t ask, don’t get

Don’t be afraid to ask your wedding supplier ‘is this your best price?’ You don’t have anything to lose and it may get you a discount. The worst they can say is no.

Mike Fear Photography, Oxfordshire Wedding Supplier

Crafty cupcakes

Instead of a tiered wedding cake, why not have a smaller cake (for the tradition of ‘cutting the cake’) with a selection of co-ordinating cupcakes. You could even serve the cupcakes instead of a traditional dessert.

Cupacakey, Gloucestershire Wedding Supplier


More green, less spend

Keep your flowers simple and use lots of greenery in your wedding displays  Using a few dramatic flowers, like hydrangeas reduces the cost and gives a lovely natural look to your wedding flowers, too.

Petals & Confetti, Buckinghamshire Wedding Supplier

Bespoke doesn’t mean ‘budget-busting’

Don’t be afraid of the price of bespoke accessories – you may find you can get exactly what you want cheaper than you can find on the high street – and it will be totally personal and unique to you.

Dilly Dally Designs, Wedding Supplier Kent

Go local!

Support your local wedding suppliers. They can offer bespoke, personalised items and services at surprisingly affordable prices, making your special day unique.

Sweet Vanilla Designs, Gloucestershire Wedding Supplier


  1. My husband and I went out early the morning of our wedding and picked masses of daffodils from the hedgerows for our tables at the reception. Free flowers! Massive money saver. Plus we had a lot of fun, definitely something that we’ll remember.

  2. A change jar, at the end of every day put everything in it out of your purse apart from £1 coins and notes and count it up every few months. You will be surprised just how much you can save and it helps with all the little things or can be used as a contingency fund 🙂 x

  3. We did lots ourselves. We hired a marquee which we decorated ourselves, my dad and husband built the bar and friends staffed it! Our reception food was spit roast meats (venison, beef, lamb etc.) that my husband and our best man set up! I was also very lucky as I have lots of talented friends so had a friend do our flowers, a friend sang, a friend did my hair and a friend did my make up. All were wedding gifts which saved us lots! Most guests have told us ours was the best wedding they have ever been to!

  4. Shop around just because you see one company first don’t jump the gun straight away i got about 3-5 quotes for each thing e.g. chair covers, dj PLUS YOUR DRESS!!! Not many people know this but dress shops put a higher mark up on a dress if they are in a major area or city where there are other bridal shops because it’s a competition to stay in business whereas if you go to the town with the only shop the mark up is lower cause they don’t need to compete to survive 😀 x

  5. Take your time, compare qoutes, get your wedding party and friends involved in anything DIY. Try opting for a venue that can hold both ceremony and reception and can get ready on site to avoid the cost of transport hire. Book weekday instead of weekend.

  6. Do as much as you can yourself and if you’ve got any family and friends with related talents, rope them in-you could ask for it as a wedding present. We hired 2 function rooms-1 for an afternoon tea on the day and then we had a big party the week after with a huge really posh buffet (my mum could do all the food because it was seperate to the wedding, as she used to be a wedding caterer/cake maker). The food cost a fraction of in a hotel and was sooooo much better than what we would have been able to pay for with our budget otherwise-big joints of meat, salmon etc. Everyone loved this because the ones who were at the day had a party to look forward to instead of the loooooong day weddings usually are, and some brought kids for the 1st part and left them with family for the 2nd. Be prepared to think OUTSIDE OF THE BOX-you don’t have to go for a hotel package, and the more you do yourself the more personal and individual your wedding. I made all the table decs, invitations, we decorated the rooms ourselves, chair covers from ebay, bought waistcoats and ties for the men ex hire, artificial flowers arranged by a florist who also sells on ebay, mum made the cake.

  7. Hire competent professionals who know what they are doing. Going down the budget route and doing everything yourselves, the stress, work, pre and post wedding arguing, follow ups with complaints can lead to heartache.

    Whilst having a friend shoot your wedding with their nice camera, video it, recommend a mate who is a upcoming DJ, or have family do the catering, driving you to the venue in their vintage VW camper van that then breaks down en route, etc etc is a good idea at the time, it has been proven that the hassle is just not worth it when things go wrong.

    All too often have we had couples ask us to reshoot their wedding photos as uncle X or friend Y failed to deliver their photos, or the catering they got from the discount place gave everyone food poisoning. A cheap DJ having faulty equipment and then causes a fire at the wedding venue…

    Whilst saving money is very important, and I fully understand that not everyone can afford the high end market, it is still important to try and get good value from local suppliers.

    Many suppliers offer discounts at wedding fairs if you book on the day. Keep an eye out for Christmas, New Years and Valentines day offers for newly engaged couples.

    If you like a supplier, and they in turn like you, they are more likely to try and meet you half way to getting something you both want.

    Don’t be fooled by marrying later in the year, many suppliers will boost prices during winter months. You will be better off booking well in advance as it is not uncommon to plan two years in advance (2016 weddings are now filling up for us).

    It is imperative that suppliers are declaring their income and insured for their business, so that should the worst happen, you may at least stand a chance of getting some of your money back.

    Mid week weddings are good, but remember, time off work for many people isn’t always possible.

    One venue weddings are great as it saves time and money. You don’t need to splash out to have a fab venue or quality suppliers, it’s about finding people who want you to have an amazing day that you and your guests will enjoy and remember.

    My wedding cost just shy of £2,000 for everything. Flowers, cake, venue, photographer, video, DJ, cars, hotel night, ceremony, dress, food and drinks….

    Everything that could have gone wrong, did.

    If I could go back in time, I would have saved a little more and would most certainly have done things differently.

    I hope this has been of some use, to some, it might not, to others, maybe. However you take this, please, please, please enjoy your wedding wherever it may be.



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