Wedding planning may seem simple at first, but brides can soon become overwhelmed with the amount of time and energy needed to make their big day just perfect. If you’re worried you can’t organise your dream wedding on your own, then it may be time to call in a wedding planner or stylist! Lindsey Hunter of Get Knotted explains why this could be the best choice you’ve ever made…

You might think that only celebrities or rich couples use these services, but you’d be wrong! Some of the smallest and simplest weddings have been carefully choreographed by a wedding planner or stylist, leaving the happy couple to enjoy every moment of their day. Not convinced? Here are the reasons a wedding planner could work for you!

1) A good wedding planner should be a great listener. They are the voice of calm and consistency, and will quickly become your right hand guide and best friend throughout the planning process.

2) Choosing a planner who is also a good stylist helps. As a planner, they will be understand your vision for the day, and as a stylist, they will understand how to create stunning visual details to wow your guests.

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3) A planner can come up with innovative ideas to suit your day, whatever your budget. With their experience, they will be able to suggest ways to save money – for example, if you’re discussing flowers, they may suggest you re-use flowers and props from one part of the day to another, relocating flowers by using bouquets as part of the detailing at your reception or using floral decorations as thank you presents.

4) Don’t know where to start when it comes to wedding suppliers? Your planner will recommend trusted and valued suppliers they use on a regular basis.

5) Your planner will do a recce of your chosen venue to ensure they understand the logistics for the big day and to suggest styling ideas to make best use of your space.

6) Using their experience and knowledge, your planner will be able to make suggestions to ensure your day runs as smoothly as possible, which means you and your new husband will be free to enjoy every moment.

7) The speeches are an important part of the day! Your planner can suggest whether you should have these before or after dinner, and explain why it’s best for you.

8) The mother of the bride and bridesmaids may want to help with planning the wedding. Your planner will be able to suggest where they can help out, but remember to delegate as much as possible to your planner – that’s what they’re there for!

9) A good wedding planner will contact all suppliers to double check arrangements, arrival times and delivery details.

10) Usually the venue will be decorated the day before the wedding. Your planner will be there to ensure everything is as it should be and style it to your exact instructions.

11) Your planner will gather all of the information in an organised way and produce a timeline before your wedding to ensure you know exactly what’s happening and when.

12) Plenty of brides have a sudden emergency on their wedding day, and your planner will be your superhero with a kit on hand. You never know when you’ll need that glue gun, safety pin or needle and thread!

13) Your planner will keep everything moving as it should during the day, so you can simply leave it to them and enjoy your wedding!

14) Their duties don’t stop when the wedding celebrations finish; they will ensure that everything is collected by the suppliers, props are packed away and anything left over by guests is returned to its rightful owner.

15) If you want precise application and someone to lean on during your wedding planning process, a wedding planner is just what you need.

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