Amazing floral chandeliers, cascading foliage or vintage birdcages make a stunning style statement at your wedding breakfast. Centrepieces add the wow factor to your reception tables, creating interest through height, shape, colour, texture and even scent. The centrepiece is an object of beauty, more than mere table décor, they bring a central focal point to each table and a talking point for all your guests. So we asked Kate Thompson from Confetti for her 15 picture-perfect table centre ideas…


Suspended ceiling hangings

Dramatic floral chandeliers and suspended hanging glass table centres are an eye-catching new way to create a stunning centrepiece without even filling up your table. Gorgeous decorative glass or flower arrangements add colour and light when suspended from the ceiling above the centre of each table.

Cascading floral table runner

Long, luscious, understated floral garlands cascading from the central line of each table give off a beautiful scent without creating height above the table. This allows guests to talk freely. Instead the garland acts as a table runner that draws the eye down towards the flow in an elegant sweep of colour and foliage.

Flowers, fruit and foliage

Floral centrepieces have always been popular, as much for their delicate beauty as a perfect match to the bride’s bouquet and co-ordinating wedding flowers. Trailing foliage and even ripe and colourful fruit has become more popular, particularly with rustic style country weddings and citrus colour themes.

Coloured and cut glass

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Cut crystal or coloured glass adds interest and colour with transparent subtlety. Unusually shaped glass bowls or vases filled with water, flowers, floating candles or glitter make a delicate and understated centrepiece. Giant martini glasses topped with overflowing floral blooms and trailing leaves make a real statement.

Smoke and mirrors

Mirrors add a wonderful dimension to your table centres and can be used to reflect candlelight, water and floral displays to great effect. Placing a vase of water or a bowl of floating candles and flowers onto a simple mirror will add that finishing touch to an understated table centrepiece.

Candles, lanterns and candelabra

A candle-lit glow is a classic table choice. Statuesque lanterns, chunky church candles and elegant candelabra make a dramatic statement while smaller votives and tea lights add light in a more subtle way. Surround tall lanterns with flowers and foliage for a finishing touch and drape candelabra with pearls or crystals beads for extra sparkle.


Topiary trees

Topiary trees in pots of either real, lush green leaves or assorted coloured fabric petals are a simple way to make your reception tables look stylishly uniform. They work just as well for a rustic country wedding as they do a smart city wedding.


Fabulous feathers have made a big comeback since interest was sparked by the unmistakable style of the roaring 20s in The Great Gatsby. Tall ostrich or soft marabou feathers give a showgirl sense of drama to tables, adding height, colour and interest; just add tall vases.

Wedding birdcages and crowns

An ornate wedding birdcage or sculpted metal crown filled with large floral blooms and foliage makes an interesting table centre for its shape and fashionable vintage styling. Ideal for a Victorian or vintage inspired wedding.


Cake and cupcake stands

Cake stands create a lovely display for cakes or favours. A single cake or a tall tiered cupcake stand can provide a centrepiece onto which cupcakes or favours can be placed onto the lower tiers and trailing blooms and foliage on the top.

Sand, sea and shells

Decorative coloured sand layered into ornate glass vases surrounded by beautiful sea shells of mother of pearl make a pretty and unusual table centrepiece, ideal for a beach themed wedding.

Table number holders for a formal reception

A formal reception needs no more than a sophisticated chrome table number holder, though you could add your own sense of style by having it hold hand-written or even painted table names with embellishments.


Umbrellas and parasols for an outdoor reception

Outdoor receptions and posh picnics on pretty greens are as popular on sunny days as traditional marquees and the more contemporary Arabian tents. Oversized sun shading umbrellas and pretty parasols are table centres as practical as they are attractive.

Old fashioned sweetie jars

Tall, elegantly shaped Victorian style sweet shop jars filled with colourful sweets or foil-wrapped chocolates make a pretty and also delicious centrepiece for all your guests to enjoy. The sweetie buffet is now the height of fashion and not just because we all like sweet treats.

Twig trees and potted plants for rustic weddings

Organic shapes of cherry blossom branches and willow twigs make interesting table centrepieces that work well at rustic country weddings. Decorate bare twigs with glitter and drape with pearls and crystals or a simple shimmer spray for the ultimate finishing touch and added sparkle.

If you’re looking for more ways to theme your table centrepieces, our Wedding Planning section is crammed full of great ideas!