Most of us have seen a few unbelievable cakes on television programmes and on the internet, but sometimes they just don’t seem that real. We’ve put together some of our favourite wedding cake creations from our real brides to show you that you can have your dream cake too – no matter how crazy!

With a cherry on top

This oversized wedding cake comes complete with an oversized bunch of cherries on top, and our love for this tasty creation is oversized too! Have you ever seen anything like it?!

creative-cakes-applebyphotography_com_fulham palace 066

Keeping in season

We always tell you about making sure your flowers are in season to save you dosh and get your bouquets looking the best they possibly can, how about your wedding cake?!

creative-cakes-HayleyRuth Photography  - Paul and Kathryn-1011

A little bit of you

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Have you and your h2b got a special memory? Did you meet whilst travelling? Why not have your wedding cake similar to this one, and make it completely appropriate to you from top to bottom?  Bridget&Boris-373

A sweet tooth

Decorate your wedding cake with your favourite sweets and chocolate. It’s guaranteed to look amazing with the colour pop and is guaranteed to get your guests talking… because of the original idea, and possibly because of the E-numbers.  Amber&Steve-347

Say cheese

We have always loved the idea of replacing the traditional tiers of cake for tiers of cheese, and this is perfectly done. With the complementing fruit of grapes, figs and dried apricots, there’s a cheese to suit every taste – even some good old Babybels to suit the fussier few. mccrossin (359)

Light up

Cake is great, and when it can double-up as a candle or light, that makes it even greater. This lighthouse creation for a beachy wedding is both fun and functional – we wouldn’t mind a slice!

Personalised caketoppers

A bit different to the standard bride and groom couple for a caketopper, this matches to the couple. Show your hobbies and interests by personalising a miniature you – saves you getting your flippers out on your big day to show them you love to scuba dive! KM-447-ASE

Get the message

This cute and colourful design spreads the love, with the fun wording in all different fonts and colours! 537V8521

Gigantic cupcake

Cupcakes instead of your wedding cake is a bridal trend that’s been going for a while, and is set to stay, too! But what happens when you don’t want to ditch the bride and groom ‘cutting the cake’ tradition? Make a gigantic version of the smaller cupcakes, of course!  AliceStephen-436

A real pudding lover

Maybe cake just doesn’t do it for you? Then you should try a croquembouche, or tower of profiteroles! It’s an original idea that will make sure that guests get at least one each, and who doesn’t love something that combines chocolate, cream and pastry?  6B2D3632

Bold and bright

This cake creation certainly has personality. This Beatles-inspired cake needs no other decoration on the table around it, let alone on it! A real work of art.  TammyJoel-426

Flower power

Do you love your bouquet? Why not incorporate that into your wedding cake? This simple base is topped by the beautiful selection of roses and daisies to make for a real country garden look.

creative-cakes-   Emily&DaveStuckey_W_497

Just in case

Again with the cupcakes, but we love this couples’ idea to personalise the cases! They make a great keepsake for a wedding day.

creative-cakes- Anna & Matt-305

Country cake

This wedding cake is perfect for country or garden weddings. Topped with sheep and surrounded with freshly-picked garden flowers, this cake doesn’t only look edible and yummy, but quite picturesque too!  HelenWill-448

Getting beachy

Absolutely perfect for a beach or seaside themed wedding, this wedding cake by Flutterby Bakery, easily mistakable as a real sandcastle, is so gorgeous and fun!

creative-cakes-Navyblur and Flutterby Bakery

If you’re looking for alternatives to the traditional wedding cake, then you can get some more ideas right here. Or maybe you’re looking for alternatives to food in general – we’ve got some fab and delicious food ideas if you’re looking to break from tradition!