When you look good, you feel great! Get gorgeous in an instant with these beauty tips from some of our favourite real-life brides…


“My bridal make-up tip is ‘less is more.’ You want to look lovely, but your sparkle comes from inside, so it’s good to just go as yourself rather than a completely different look that you’re not used to wearing.” Alix

“I treated myself to eyelash extensions and they’re totally worth it. They take a bit of getting used to, but it means you don’t have to wear any mascara and they look amazing in pictures.” Georgina


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“My bridal beauty tip is definitely wear waterproof mascara! It’s nice to have that piece of mind, so you don’t worry about crying and ruining your make-up.” Sarah

“Buy a foundation that is really long lasting, the wedding day is VERY long and so much fun that you don’t get much of a chance to pop out and reapply.”  Hannah

“Buy a bridal perfume and aftershave to use especially for your wedding day and honeymoon. Then, when you wear it again it will bring back all the happy memories from the day.” Sophie

“Don’t be afraid to say ‘no’ during your make-up trial. I was unsure with my shade of lipstick initially – but we tried a few shades until I was completely happy.” Jenni

“I had lessons in make-up application, so  I could do my own make-up and help my bridesmaids.”  Claire

“I had my teeth fixed before the big day which gave me a confident smile in my photographs.” Hannah

“Never go far without lipgloss! I made sure my bridesmaids all carried some in a colour I liked so I was ready to be glossed for the photos.”  Zena

“Make sure someone has nail glue! I grew my nails especially for the big day but managed to break one before leaving for the church. Luckily my sister (a nail technician) had some glue in her handbag and was able to save my nail.” Michelle

“Get a professional make-up artist – they’re worth every penny!” Stacey

“Have facial blotting tissues, a lipstick and a bottle of perfume on hand for re-touches throughout the day.”  Jo


“Hairspray, hairspray, and more hairspray! As we were inside and outside, my hair got windswept so hairspray was essential to keep little wisps in place.” Hannah

“Get a haircut two weeks before, and try to have a full eight hours sleep the night before the wedding.”  Lydia

“Have a St Tropez spray tan a few days before the wedding. That way you’ll have colour and a healthy glow for the photographs.” Loretta

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