Here at Wedding Ideas we see a lot of beautiful brides, so we know what makes a gorgeous photograph of a woman on her wedding day! If you want to look stunning in your photos, take inspiration from some of our most photogenic brides…

Give us a wave

If you’re feeling indecisive about your hair, the natural wave is the perfect default. No matter what look or style you want for your wedding day, wavy locks will suit any bride, and is bound to make you feel gorgeous and glamorous.

Simple and chic

Quite often, when it comes to bridal beauty, less is more. If you’re wearing a statement wedding dress, your hair, accessories and make-up don’t need to be over-the-top. Something simple, like a loose up-do with a small jewelled headband, will make you look just as stunning.

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Practice makes perfect

Don’t jump straight into a new beauty look on the day of your wedding – discuss what looks best with your make-up artist and have a trial. Whether you want to highlight your eyes, your smile, you hair or your cheekbones, you can work out the best brands, colours and finishes for you.

A pop of colour

How about this statement glossy, coloured lipstick? Accompanied with neutral, subtle eye make-up, a bright lipstick makes for a stand-out look that’s guaranteed to photograph beautifully.

Look to the light

Looking towards the main source of light in whatever environment you’re in – whether indoors by a window, or outdoors in the sun – is the best way to flatter your complexion in photos and will give you a flawless glow.

Find your best ‘do

Try out different hairstyles before the big day to see which suits your bridal style best. You want your hair to frame your face, carefully-chosen accessories and of course, the beautiful smile you’ll be wearing throughout the day!

Show off your dress

You want to make the most of your gorgeous dress, as you’ll only wear it once. Make sure your hair complements it well – show off the neckline, match your hair accessories to the style of the gown, and don’t hide the pretty features with lots of hair!

Smile and smile again

Remember, just because it’s one of the happiest days of your life, it doesn’t mean all your poses have to be giving the biggest and toothiest grin you’ve got. Try a range of smiles (and pouts!) for your photos for more variety and fun.


Strike a pose

The over-the-shoulder pose is a classic for a reason. Not only does it let you chose your best side, but shows off the different angles of your hair and dress.

Be yourself

Don’t just stick to what other brides do or just what the photographer says because you think that’s what you should be doing – have fun! It’s YOUR day after all.

Your dream dress

When shopping for the dress, remember that it should make you feel at your most comfortable and beautiful. Many of our favourite shots of brides are them simply enjoying being in such a once-in-a-lifetime garment. If you feel self-conscious wearing your dress, or it doesn’t fit properly, this will show on your face – and in the photos.

Natural moments

Not all photographs have to be prepared. Some of the most breathtaking wedding photos are the ones where brides are caught off-guard. If you love this style of photography, make sure you study potential photographers’ portfolios to see if they’re any good at capturing those natural shots.

Laugh it off

We’ve all had moments when you’ve been holding a smile for too long and your cheeks start hurting. A beautiful, natural smile from a laugh can be much easier, and much more comfortable!

Make a statement

Don’t be afraid to add something a little different! We love this statement headband – it reflects the bride’s bohemian personality, and makes her look a little more unique.

The beautiful bride

A simple portrait of the bride can be one of the most stunning photos from a wedding album. You don’t need fancy poses, flowers, a groom looking loving or bridesmaids admiring in a photograph to prove how truly gorgeous you looked on your wedding day.

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