Agnes Los from shows us how you can really impress your guests with a few finishing flourishes.


Chocolate-dipped strawberries

One on each plate, or a fruit bowl in the centre with strawberries on top add a touch of sophistication at a very small price! This is an especially brilliant idea for spring and summer weddings when strawberries are in season. Save money and make them yourself!

Berries in drinks

The easiest way to add a bit of fun to your drinks is to drop in a few colourful berries. We’re thinking luscious blueberries, raspberries or even a few grapes!


Elegant favours

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Swish coffee cups are useful and elegant, plus they’re a fab treat that your guests can take home as favours! Fill them with sweets or ask the venue to use them to serve coffee and tea after the meal.

Inexpensive florals

Gypsophila or baby’s breath as it’s also known is a hugely underrated, yet gorgeous flower that’s relatively inexpensive. They last very well and can be bought at very low prices at your local flower market. Tuck a small spray into each napkin ring for a look of dreamy elegance.

Thoughtful ideas

Bowls of mints and tissues at the reception will be much appreciated by all guests, trust us!

Fun favours

For fun favours, why not make a CD of your favourite songs for each guest? Pick any theme you like and give your guests the ultimate compilation they’ll love listening to!


Sheet music

If you’re having a monochrome wedding theme, then add some elements of sheet music to add a very unique yet elegant touch. Roll the sheets and make confetti cones, cut them into strips and tie in bows around your centrepieces, or wrap outside plain candleholders with cut-outs for a beautiful luminary look. For an added personal touch, use songs that are meaningful to you both!

Favourite songs

Ask for your guests’ favourite songs on RSVP cards. Then ask the DJ to play them at wedding reception! Every guest will get to hear something they like and it will help get everyone onto the dance floor.


Country charm

A wooden wish box is a wonderful alternative to a guest book. Have your guests write on gorgeous pieces of printed paper and roll them up so they can be kept safe for years to come.

High-tech ideas

Create a free QR (Quick Response) code linked to a Facebook page or an Instagram album and you’ll be able to collate all your guests’ favourite pictures into one place, for a quick an easy wedding album that you can share with everyone!


Photo frame collages

Wedding guests love looking at pre-wedding photos of the bride and groom. So give them a photo story of your relationship to enjoy in a multi-photo display frame.

Midnight snack attack

Consider providing a midnight buffet of everyone’s favourite munchies. After everyone has finished partying, they will appreciate a little late-night snack. It’s a guaranteed big hit!


The fun for the fair

Popcorn is fun and not just at the cinema or the fair! Skip the edible favours and get a popcorn cart or get the venue to serve microwavable popcorn you provide in a variety of flavours. The guests will love munching on this before they sit down to dinner! You can add popcorn to your sweet buffet too, for a savoury alternative.

Flip flops

A very considerate item for your guests’ tired tootsies, more and more couples are placing baskets of these at the reception venue – indoors or outdoors, it really helps to keep the guests dancing!

Cooling ideas

An ultra fun, yet elegant fashion accessory, hand fans will be especially appreciated by the guests at summer weddings to keep the heat at bay. Assign an usher to give them out just before the ceremony.