We reveal 15 tips from some of our favourite wedding experts to help you with your wedding planning!

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Plan in advance

“Brides love to dive head first into their planning but, to avoid coming unstuck later in the process, try to establish three things: budget, guest numbers and vision for the day. These are three important criteria when it comes to narrowing down which venues will work for you and avoiding making a costly mistake” Rachel Brierley-Jones, The Cotswold Wedding Planner

Do your research

“Do some research online to find out average costs in your area for a photographer, band etc. Magazine features are useful for researching the prices of stationery, cakes, dresses and flowers.” Siobhan Craven-Robins, Wedding Planner

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Big-day budget

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“When it comes to budgeting for your wedding, sit down with anyone who is contributing and agree an overall figure. Then assume 90% of that to be your budget, thus leaving 10% contingency.” Sandy Moretta, Tern Events


“Set your top three priorities and allocate your budget accordingly after researching the sort of things you have your eye on. Be prepared to compromise on some of the things lower down your list; this is entirely normal.” Kelly Chandler, The Bespoke Wedding Company

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Check the small print

“Carefully check the T&Cs of your venue before signing. Don’t find out too late that you can’t have fireworks, wear stiletto heels (yes really), or that the music has to be off at 11.30pm!” Andrea Swift, Fabulous Day

Time it right

“Book your ceremony and reception venues first. From these the whole look and feel of your day will emanate. Don’t forget that, even if you’re having a civil ceremony in a licensed venue, the registrar must be booked separately. You need to know your venue before you can book your celebrant and you can only book a registrar a maximum of 12 months before the big day.” Sandy Moretta, Tern Events

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Your day, your way

“It’s easy to forget the reason why you’re getting married and get swept away with the organisation. Ask yourself whether you’re planning the wedding you want or if you’re trying to keep everyone else happy.” Liz Goodchild, life coach

Helping hand

“Sticking to a budget might feel hard, but you can make it fun. Challenge yourself and others involved to find what you want within budget. If friends and family offer their expertise, perhaps in hairdressing, transport or cake design, accept these as their wedding gift and you’ll make super savings.” Sandy Moretta, Tern Events

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Clear communication

“Select your suppliers carefully, ideally through recommendations. Be clear in you communications and always ensure everything is agreed in writing. Where there have been numerous conversations and email exchanges, always summarise the conclusion that has been reached. This will prevent any misunderstanding and avoid disappointment or upset on the day.” Rachel Brierley-Jones, The Cotswold Wedding Planner

Set tasks

“Delegate wisely! Choose people who are naturally matched to certain tasks and give them deadlines and clear instructions. Be aware – it is notoriously hard to delegate to friends and family especially if they become busy and can’t prioritise things as much as you’d like. Consider hiring an independent wedding planner for some or all of your wedding planning.” Kelly Chandler, The Bespoke Wedding Company

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Get organised

“Make yourself a wedding day itinerary. It may sound a little Monica from Friends, but it will certainly ensure the day is more organised. Choose a reliable person to have a copy with them on the day to help things run smoothly.” Emma Zamani-Hawke, Hawke & Hughes

Get what you want

“Be open and honest with wedding suppliers and allow them to guide you. They have often built up a wealth of experience. A good supplier should come up with ideas for you that work both in terms of style and budget. The more you give them the opportunity to know you and understand you and what you are looking for, the better the collaboration.” Kelly Chandler, The Bespoke Wedding Company

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It’s all about you

“Make sure you, the bride, are dressed first. The bride is often left until last so that others can help, but if things start running late then you’ll end up rushing to get ready. When you’re having your hair done, make sure you wear a shirt, or any garment that can be undone rather than having to pull it over your freshly coiffed hair – nightmare!” Emma Zamani-Hawke, Hawke & Hughes

One for the boys

“Create a jobs list for the ushers! Your male attendants can be really useful on the day but they need to know what they should be doing and when. If you have a bus collecting guests, assign a bus usher to make sure that all the guests are safely on the transport before it leaves.” Andrea Swift, Fabulous Day

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Relax and enjoy

“Be prepared to go with the flow when the big day arrives. Even the most carefully laid plans can come unstuck at times. If it rains when your heart is set on sunshine, or the beef isn’t as rare as you wanted, just let it go. Time will go by in a flash so don’t waste a moment fretting about something that none of your guests will notice or mind!” Rachel Brierley-Jones, The Cotswold Wedding Planner

And to take away even more stress from your wedding day, we’ve got free wedding planning tools for you to download to help you plan!