15 CRAZY Wedding Superstitions UNCOVERED!

For the superstitions that are said to bring you good luck, bad luck and all sorts of other ‘so told’ consequences, we thought to uncover some of the traditional and some of the down right crazy wedding superstitions we’ve EVER heard… Are you superstitious?

15 crazy wedding superstitions!
  • A spider found in the bride’s wedding dress brings good luck to her marriage – eeeeek!
  • Wednesday is considered to be the luckiest day to get married. Monday is for wealth, and Tuesday is for health.

  • The groom originally carried the bride across the threshold to protect her from evil spirits! So romantic…
  • A sugar cube in the bride’s bouquet, glove or dress is supposed to ‘sweeten them up’. Sweet enough already, thanks!
  • Despite being the most popular day for weddings, Saturday is meant to be the unluckiest day to tie the knot.
  • May is the worst month to get married. There was even a poem to support this – “Marry in May and you’ll rue the day“. But spring weddings are SO pretty!

  • It’s every bride’s worst nightmare; but rain on your wedding is supposed to bring good luck and fertility.
  • Brides originally stood to the left of the groom during the ceremony as he needed his right hand to fight off other suitors.
  • Sapphire engagement and wedding rings promise marital happiness.
  • Whilst pearl engagement rings are a no-no, as they represent tears.
  • An aquamarine ring brings marital harmony.
  • If the younger of two sisters marries first, the older sibling must dance barefoot at the wedding or risk never getting married!
  • ‘Something blue’ represents love, fidelity and purity.
  • Your last names shouldn’t start with the same letter or your marriage – “To change the name and not the letter, is to change for the worst and not the better.”

  • Engagement and wedding rings were originally worn on the fourth finger of the left hand as it was believed that there was a vein in that finger that led directly to the heart.

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Which Superstitions do you believe?

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