Choosing your wedding cake isn’t always as simple as you first think. There are so many possibilities and ideas you can use to help you truly personalise your wedding cake. Do you opt for traditional, fun, pretty or unusual?  Gifted Heart Cakes are here to take us through the big ideas and the small details that are catching our eye for something a little different…

When designing your wedding cake you can use lots of inspiration to help get the ideas flowing. This could include photos of the bridal or bridesmaids dresses, pictures of your favourite textures, fabrics and colours, even designs of tableware or stationery can help. Request a list of flowers that you are going to using for the wedding as this can all help your cake maker tailor your cake design. When choosing your cake think about how certain designs will fit with your decor/venue and of course your personalities.  Don’t be afraid to ask your cake maker questions, no matter how small, and make sure you trust and feel comfortable with who you choose. Look at their portfolio and make sure they are skilled in the areas of design that you would like your cake to include. Most importantly enjoy your tasting session!


Simple and rustic

Hayley Savage Photography

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With barn weddings becoming more and more popular, rustic and natural wedding cakes set the whimsical scene with yummy rough coated icing, blossoming flowers and quirky toppers.




gifted heart cakes macaroons
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Macarons and Macaron towers are growing in popularity with couples that want an alternative to a traditional wedding cake. Dress them with sugar flowers or fresh for a romantic look, or add a cake below for something to cut. Either way you will wow your guests with these moreish little treats!

Go ‘Naked’

Albert Palmer Photography


So what is a naked cake? It’s all about the cake – no icing, no fondant just pure simple cake with lovely delicate fillings and a dusting of icing sugar. The totally unique and handmade look has taken the market by storm, adorned with fruits, berries and flowers to co-ordinate with your wedding it is perfect for those that don’t like or want any heavy icing.


A beautiful dessert table


Plenty to declare Wedding Photography


Rather than choosing just one cake, couples are still loving their very own dessert tables with a range of their favourite luxurious treats such a mini cupcakes, macaron pops, meringue kisses, luxury truffles and just about anything your heart desires! On this one day…you are allowed it all!


Traditional and white

Mathew Oliver shoot


Although this year is showing an increase in couples wanting big bold and unusual, there are still lots of couples that only dream of the ultimate “white wedding cake”, something traditional and timeless through and through. You’d be surprised how much impact a totally white wedding cake will create when the detail is in the texture and pattern.

 A suspended showstopper

Plenty to declare wedding photography


If you are looking for a grand centrepiece for your wedding or alternatively each wedding table that will wow your guests a little differently…what better way than a suspended structure?! With a beautiful handmade stand and decoration or your choice, have numerous elegantly decorated tiers to become part of your reception decor!


Ruffles and florals

Lahu Studios photography


Texture will continue to be huge! With a celebrity surge with the tulle trend currently, romantic layers offer a weightless yet elaborate princess-like finish with ruffles, rosettes and rough textured tiers.


All that glitters

photography – Ben Robertson


Sequins and shimmery golden tiers have been the order of the day and continue into 2017 adding that element of luxury to a cake, edible qold sequins can give your cake the wow factor and by extension, gold leaf and edible paint brushes with an abstract hand around tiers and onto desserts reiterate a trend for foiling in graphic print and the quality of multiple textures between matt, shiny and metallic.


Crazy for Copper

It’s official – we are all crazy for copper (still!), from mugs to signage and foiled stationary to outfitting details. For an event as stylised as a wedding, imbues of copper bring industrial opulence to the table and as far as cakes are concerned a copper foiled cake tier is a stunning addition to touches of warm coloured rustic florals with petrol blue, forest green and charcoal grey!


Go Bold

Inhouse photography


If traditional looking pastel coloured cakes are just not you then why not go bold. Not a pastel in sight, instead, strong silhouettes and eye catching and contrasting shapes will set your cake apart from others and truly represent your style – We love the baroque deco detail in this monochrome and metallic masterpiece!


New techniques

Simon Buck photography


If you like to be a trend setter then wedding cakes using new techniques will help add a modern twist to your cake design. Try wafer paper flowers and textured tiers for a clean and modern look. Elaborate chocolate work is a brilliantly delicate and decadent way of creating abstract structures using a tiered cake as a foundation for the layers of shaped shards!


Hand painted

Binky Nixon Photography


Inhouse photography


We just love this trend. Adorn your cake in faberge florals, geometric graphics, woodland scenes, painted animals.. the list is endless and the finish is mind blowing.


Beautiful Lace

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A beautiful finish to your dress and equally now, to your cake! Lace moulds can even be made to match the lace on the wedding dress. This popular and romantic look has captured so many brides in previous years and is relatively traditional as far as edible decorations go.



If the classic tiered spherical or even square cut cakes just aren’t tempting you, why not break tradition and design something truly bespoke to yourself. Perhaps reminiscent of a trip together, how you were brought together or another sentimental moment or token that will tell your story!


Matt Perriera photography


This Antique trunk cake was designed for a couple that met whilst travelling and who went on to have a travel themed wedding. Everything on the cake is edible and it was even mistaken for real luggage at the wedding said the bride!