Formal photographs are obvious must-haves but sometimes it’s the quirky, candid and surprise pictures during the day that really make an album go from good to great!

A good photographer will not only be able to capture the romantic, formal moments on the day but they’ll also weave in and out of your guests recording the unique and often hilarious things that you, the busy bride, will miss. We’ve scoured our real weddings to find 14 of the quirkiest shots taken at big days all around the UK – which is your favourite?


Drink up

We love this shot of the bride and bridesmaids getting one last shot of dutch courage before the formalities begin. Your venue might have a quirky saying like this? Could you somehow work it into your day?


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Radio Gaga

Getting ready on the morning of the wedding is often a stressful, busy and emotional time but we can just imagine that this bride was super chilled. Master of detail, Albert Palmer has captured her gorgeous Roberts’ radio tuned into Chill – what a fabulous idea! Soothing sounds and a great pic, too!


Favourite read

When we spotted this bride’s light reading choice, we were slightly taken aback! Good photographers will be able to spot quirky details like this and use them to comic effect.


Top text

Our hearts melt when we get to see personal text messages between brides and grooms-to-be. Make sure your photographer captures cards and messages you send to each other on the morning of the wedding – you’ll treasure them for years to come.


Helping hand

Rarely do you see a member of the clergy helping to subdue the little ones on the wedding day!


Wouldn’t it be funny if…?

Every couple has crazy ideas about their wedding entertainment but most never make it to the actual day. These space hoppers, however, did make the final cut – and we’re so glad they did! Sometimes you’ve got to just go with your gut instinct and it makes for an incredible shot like this. Perhaps that poor bridesmaid doesn’t agree…


His and hers

A picture of your bridal shoes is a wedding album essential – no matter what they look like! Make sure your photographer captures all the footwear you’re going to wear throughout the day.


Bride’s best friend

How could we resist this little guy? His cocked head and cute little striped bow tie take him into the number one spot when it comes to cute animals spotted at weddings. Can your furry friend beat this? Let us know!


I heart you

We’re loving this quirky photo idea! Really easy to create on your big day, this would be the perfect shot to use on your thank you cards?




Spell it out

If you’ve spent time and effort sourcing quirky details, make sure your photographer knows about them on the big day. We love this real bride’s unique Scrabble necklace – a fun idea for your wedding favours, too, especially if you’re planning a literary theme.


Love grows

What a fab idea! Cass and Dan planted this tree on their big day so they can visit it and watch it – and their love – grow over the years!


Coffee lovers

If you just can’t get started in the morning without your Starbucks, why should your wedding day be any different? This clever bride made sure everyone had a little pick me up to help them through the busy day ahead.


Boys will be boys

While this isn’t the most tasteful of shots we’ve ever seen, it did raise a smile here at Wedding Ideas HQ!  We’ve got some more fab photo ideas for your groomsmen right here.


Wise words

This romantic pair of cups say it all… ‘All of these words are worth less than the breath used to say them if we cannot be together’.