Whilst it can be romantic to stick to classic wedding traditions, weddings are not a one-size-fits-all occassion and you should only follow these traditions if it feels right. Just because your grandma, mum and sister all did these things at their weddings, doesn’t mean you have to…

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White wedding dress

It’s your wedding and you’re the star of the show, so wear whatever you want. Yes, you want to feel beautiful and stand out but you also want to feel comfortable so you can enjoy your special day. Although most brides have been dreaming of a huge princess gown since they were five years old, many go for something totally the opposite. Anything goes: from a short, retro dress to a sparkly, slinky number. As long as you feel fabulous, you can wear it.

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Love at first sight

The superstition that seeing the groom before the ceremony brings bad luck has been proven wrong countless times, and if you want to see your groom before the ceremony that’s fine. For many couples, it’s a highly emotional experience that would rather be shared in private rather than in front of all their guests. Why not schedule a first-look photo shoot with just your hubby and the photographer before the ceremony? This is not only super romantic, but it’ll help calm the pre-wedding jitters too!

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Mismatch your girls

It’s rare that all of your best girls will suit the same colour and style. And although it does look super cute in photographs, your bridesmaids dresses do not have to match. Let your girls’ individual personalities shine through by having each maid pick out a dress that suits her own style and shape. To pull off the mismatched look, you need one element that is the same in each dress such as material, colour or length. If you’ve got your heart set on matching dress, let them personalise their look with accessorises and shoes.

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What wedding gift list?

It is traditional for guests to gift the newlyweds with chinawear and homeware – mainly because back in the day couples rarely lived together before they tied the knot. Nowadays, most couples are already set when it comes to kitchen utensils or you’re not a fan of china so don’t feel like your options are limited. Instead of a wedding gift list, ask your guests for donations towards your honeymoon or something special.

Banish the bouquet toss

This tradition is usually done for a giggle, but chances are your single friends don’t want to announce their singleness to everyone. If you’re looking for an alternative idea, take your bouquet apart and present individual flowers to all your friends and loved ones. Or simply keep your bouquet as a keepsake after the wedding and put it in a vase.

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Dad walking you down the aisle

Having your dad walk you down the aisle can be a special moment for the two of you, but by no means is it the only option. Not everyone has a dad who is a part of their lives, or an influentional person to the bride – it’s important to have someone “give you away” to your new husband who you love, cherish and look up to. If you have a closer family member or friend, it’s totally fine to have that person walk you down the aisle. If you don’t have anyone in mind, throw tradition right out the window and walk by yourself!

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Guests seated on one side only

Not keen on the idea on seating the bride & groom’s guests on seperate sides? Everyone is there to celebrate the two of you together so it shouldn’t matter where your guests sit. Make it clear for your guests and add a chalkboard with a cute poem such as, “Pick a seat, not a side, we’re all family once the knot is tied” written on it so your guests can easily find a place to sit.

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Alternative wedding bouquets

Flowers are beautiful, but not only are they pretty expensive they’re also high maintenance and die soon after your wedding day. If you want something a little different that you can cherish for years after your wedding day use something other than flowers. Buttons, brooches or fake flowers make the perfect alternative bouquet. We’ve put together 7 of the best alternative bouquets for quirky brides!


You don’t need a bridal party

Maybe it’s too hard to decide who you want to be your maid of honour, or you don’t want to offend your two best friends. Maybe your groom has chosen 6 groomsmen but you only have two bridesmaids. It’s totally acceptable to have uneven bridal parties, or you could skip the bridal party altogether. Your nearest and dearest can still give speeches, and will always be willing to help with the wedding planning – with or without a bridesmaid dress.

wedding-traditions-bigeyephotography.co.uk Colm and Sara's Wedding (388)Just married… now for the honeymoon

Planning a wedding is pretty stressful. No wait, planning a wedding is extremely stressful. And whilst the thought of an exotic vacation straight after your wedding day might sound enticing, it might be even better to wait. Saving the honeymoon for a later date will give you and your new hubby something to look forward to, and it’ll also help your bank account if you wait to save up again after your big day.

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Forget the favours

Wedding favours can be extremely costly, especially if you’ve got a never-ending guest list. And usually, wedding favours are left there on the table at the end of the night forgotten about, so if you haven’t got the budget for them or you can’t think of something your guests will appreciate, then don’t worry about them! You’ve provided them with a brilliant night of dinner, dancing and celebrating and that’s usually enough.

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You don’t need a wedding cake

Not everyone is a fan of the traditional wedding cake, so don’t think your restricted to a three-tier fruitcake. If you’re looking to create something a little different for your big day, why not serve up cupcakes or a selection of your favourite desserts? To give you some inspiration, check out our 10 alternatives to wedding cakes.

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Walking down the aisle to Wagner’s “Bridal Chorus”

Make your entrance to any song that is meaningful to you and your hubby-to-be. You want your wedding ceremony to be personal, and this is the perfect way to make it feel extra special. Take a look at our 12 wedding ceremony songs for walking in and walking out – you’ll be spoilt for choice.

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Now you’ve got this sorted, find out the A-Z of wedding trends that will help save you tons of money!