Whether you’re a brand new bride-to-be or a seasoned veteran, these top planning tips will help you plan your big day in style!


Midnight munchies

Thinking about the midnight munchies? Your guests are going to be hungry all over again by then, especially if your wedding breakfast is early and your guests have had a bit too much to drink.

Realistic goals

Top bridal designer Sassi Holford tells us that brides always lose weight before their wedding. With this in mind, go for a realistic size. Good retailers and designers will be able to advise accordingly.

DJ requests

If you’re having a DJ, give them a playlist that you know will get people up and dancing. You want that dance floor filled all night. Don’t let the DJ or band dictate the music – it’s YOUR day.

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Fussy eaters

There are always fussy eaters. Make sure that you have a broad enough menu to give people choice, and something that everyone can eat. They won’t remember what the menu was, but they’ll remember if they enjoyed what they ate.

Engage and entertain

Plan something engaging and entertaining for your guests in that ‘lull’ between the ceremony and the reception. People get bored, thirsty, hungry, etc…

First dance choreography

A choreographed first dance is a fantastic reception showpiece. Allow at least four months for your dance lessons, including a refresher the week before your big day.

Be your own videographer

You might think that a videographer is an unnecessary expense but we disagree. Shoot it Yourself offer a fantastic service.

Discount deals

Think about where your guests will stay or how they will travel home. Group deals on coaches, taxis or trains will make for fun travel and work out relatively inexpensive if purchased in bulk.

Plan for rain

Plan for wet weather, and if it’s sunny, it’s a bonus. This should include a wet weather photography list.

Skilled help

Anyone you know with a skill, recruit them! Your aunty might be great at baking cakes, your great uncle might have a gorgeous old Bentley…

Last minute guests

When it comes to invitations, expect a small drop out. Ill health, childcare and work commitments are often cited as reasons for non-attendance. You might want to have a ‘last minute’ list, like neighbours.

Unofficial bridesmaids

Think of a friend who can act as unofficial bridesmaid on the day, someone you can trust to talk to awkward guests, or someone who can round people up for photographs. Your bridesmaids might be otherwise engaged and everyone always has a sensible friend who will relish the responsibility.

Have your cake…

Make sure that there is more then enough cake to go round. Better to have too much than go short.