We’re feeling pretty loved up here in the Wedding Ideas office today, so we’ve put together our pick of the most romantic photos from our real weddings. Can you feel the love? We can!

Just married

We love this shot captured by wedding photographer Kirsty Field. Not only does it show how in love this couple is, but it also shows their happy friends and family behind them, as the photographer stands at the front of the congregation.

most-loved-up- kristyfield.co.uk   Hannah Tom Murdoch Wedding Kristy Field Photography-089

Tears of joy

Don’t be afraid to shed a tear. This photograph shows how happy the bride is, completely naturally, as the photographer catches her unaware. A little mascara run can be mended, and the image makes a beautiful memory.

most-loved-up-gemmawilliamsphotography.co.uk  Lisa&LeeSullivan_GemmaWilliamsPhotography_059

Little whisper

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The intimate whispering in the ear is a classic, romantic image… you don’t need a caption or a speech bubble to tell you how happy they are to just be married!

most-loved-up-beckymalephotography.com  Jules & Chris HiR Becky Male Photography-212

Romantic sunset

When it comes to romance, sunsets are commonly linked. Why not make it the backdrop of some of your wedding photographs? Not only will you as the bride look beautiful, so will the background!

most-loved-up- shoot-lifestyle.co.uk  HM-0794

Caught in the act

A candid photo is always a lovely choice for your wedding photograph collection. The smile is all in the eyes of this bride as she catches her photographer’s camera flashing behind her new hubby.

most-loved-up-dave-waller.co.uk 393

A shoulder to lean on

You don’t have to be kissing in front of the camera, or gazing romantically into each others’ eyes to show that you love each other. Having a few simple, unposed photographs often make a wedding album seem more genuine and authentic, rather than just back-to-back images of typical newlywed shots!

most-loved-up-abfabphotography.co.uk hannahperssonphotography.com _D3A5444

No faces needed

Furthering that, who says you even need the faces in shot to show your love?! We love wedding photographs like this of the couple holding hands during the ceremony. You can feel the nerves and excitement that newlyweds feel, with no facial expressions at all!

most-loved-up-amyradcliffephotography.com DSC_6021

Family shot

We love that this couple has incorporated their wedding shoot with a family photograph. This gorgeous image shows anyone that sees it what their relationship is like. And how cute is she!

most-loved-up-hbaphotography.com Stephen & Emily 157

Be you

Nothing is nicer than seeing a couple who are completely themselves around each other – and this photographer has captured this perfectly.

most-loved-up-devlinphotos.co.uk   Siobhan&Ben 608

Romantic stroll

Having your formal wedding photographs taken will be the first time that you and your new husband are alone on the day. This shot is absolutely adorable as the photographer has caught them as they stroll off in deep conversation.


Focal point

As the bride and groom, you’ll have been the centre of attention all day and maybe this isn’t your thing. When it comes to the more modest couples, why not have a few shots where you’re not the main feature of the photo? This image is simply gorgeous – the couple just blend into the scenery for a stunning, natural shot.

most-loved-up-kerriemitchell.co.uk   2013-06-02 00634

First dance

Make sure you get your photographer to capture the first dance! It’s one of the only times that it can be just you and your groom on your wedding day. It’s an intimate moment, with guests knowing that it’s not okay for them to stand in the middle of you two to tell you how much they’ve enjoyed the day!


Get the venue involved

Make the most of your venue! Maybe it has some beautiful gardens, or impressive interior features? They can really add a lot to your photographs.

most-loved-up-emmacasephotography.com  Romana&John-239

We’ve got lots more tips on wedding photography in our photography category, and you can get lots more inspiration by checking out some of our real weddings.