It’s a truth universally acknowledged that mums love wedding photos. As long as you look happy and in love in your photographs, your mum is almost certainly going to be teary-eyed as she flicks through your wedding album. However, in the rush of the day, it’s easy to miss those emotional moments that will really mean the world to her – don’t forget to capture these on camera!

Her helping you get ready

The wedding morning prep is one of the best times to capture those intimate moments between you and your mum – it’s before the hustle and the bustle of the day takes over, and you have to divide your attention between all your guests. Ask your photographer to take a shot of your mum helping you dress for your wedding day and she’s sure to look back on it fondly.


Your dad seeing you for the first time

The moment a father first sees his little girl in her wedding dress and veil is always a great one to catch on camera. You’d be surprised at how emotional some dads get on the day – even the most macho of men sometimes shed a little tear at their daughter’s wedding! Even if he’s not getting misty-eyed, your dad is sure to be proud of how beautiful you look, so make sure your parents have a shot of this magic moment.

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A romantic shot of your parents

A wedding day is all about love, and your big day is sure to remind your parents of their own wedding. Depending on what type of photography you prefer, ask your photographer to either snap a candid shot of the two looking happy together, or set up a sweet portrait like this one.

You walking down the aisle

Whether you’re being accompanied by your dad, your mum, or a sibling, the moment you appear at your wedding ceremony is one that will stick in your family’s memories for years to come. These photos often portray a wonderful mix of emotions on both the bride and her family member’s faces, and if you can get the bridesmaids in too it’s a bonus!

Your first kiss with your new husband

This is a classic joyful photo that your parents will love. You’ll both have gotten over the nerves of the vows, and excited to start the rest of your day as man and wife, so you’re likely to look more relaxed here than in lots of other parts of the ceremony. A cute twist on this photo is to capture your guests’ reactions in the background, like in this shot.

You and your grandparents

Although it’s a given that the photographer will get posed shots of you and your parents, we hear from a lot of disappointed brides that they never got a photo with their grandparents. Whether it’s posed or natural, a photo with your grandmother or grandfather (or both!) will mean a lot to your mum and dad, so make sure your photographer puts it on their list.

Three generations

This sweet photo opportunity is becoming more and more popular – pose with your mum and grandma and get your photographer to snap a pic of all three of your wedding rings. It’s a simple shot that both your your mum and grandma will treasure.

A silly photo of the two of you

After the ceremony, there will be ample opportunity to take formal shots of you and your mum together. However, we love to see brides in a more relaxed environment having fun with their mums – this is an especially emotional photo if the two of you are close. Whether you’re throwing shapes on the dancefloor or posing in a photobooth, this photo is sure to be a favourite in the album.

Your first dance

This is another classic photo that you can’t miss! Even if you and your new husband both have two left feet, the first dance is an intimate moment between the two of you where the crowd of guests seems to just disappear. If you’ve chosen a song that gives you a lump in your throat, this will make for a beautiful and emotional wedding photo.

Her wedding photo

One reception decor trend that’s becoming more and more popular is using old family wedding photos to decorate your tables. Your mum is sure to appreciate you including her in your big day this way, and it’s also a beautiful way to remember grandparents or other family members who can’t be there for your wedding.

A forehead kiss

The couple shots of the bride and groom after the ceremony are undoubtedly among the most beautiful in any wedding album, so it’s worth thinking about your poses for these photos. All mums want to know that her daughter has married someone who makes her feel loved and protected, so a simple, touching gesture like a forehead kiss is sure to get the tears welling up.

Walking off into the sunset

A stunning sunset can make for some incredible wedding photos – if you get the opportunity, try and get outdoors during this light to capture some truly spectacular images. This symbolic shot of you and your new husband setting off to start a new life will be one that your folks are sure to love.

And one for the mother of the groom

Don’t forget that it’s a big day for your future mother-in-law too! We’re seeing more and more of this photo trend appearing in weddings, and it makes a lovely gift for the mother of the groom – especially if she’s been a big help with wedding planning and you want to thank her.

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