Red wine spillage on your dress? Perfect hairstyle ruined by windy weather? Fear not! Banish any big day blues with these 13 bridal essentials – every bride should have these handy little things in her emergency kit!

Make-up kit

Make sure you have a make-up back-up kit on hand for any mascara runs or lipstick smudges. Clear powder is always a winner, too – perfect for getting rid of any shine before your photos.

bridal-essentials-   Hannah Tom Murdoch Wedding Kristy Field Photography-011


Even if you’re not renowned for tears, you never know when it comes to your special day. Pack some tissues just to be on the safe side – you never know when all the emotion of the day will get too much.  jcog088

Baby wipes

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Useful for any make-up mishaps, or simply to wipe off any spillages, baby wipes really are an essential for your wedding day emergency kit… a real bridal saviour!


Make sure you’ve got a bottle of water, and maybe some snacks, to hand. You may feel too nervous and excited to eat a big breakfast but no one wants a fainting bride with low blood sugar.  IMG-436

Pack the pins

Hair pins and safety pins are a must. Always useful for any hair or dress dilemmas, or even attaching corsages in an emergency.


Hairspray is useful to keep your hair in place, but a neat tip in a desperate situation is to spray your face (at a distance!) to help your foundation stay in place. But you can buy make-up setting spray if you’re organised enough!  275


Don’t let the unpredictable British weather get the better of you. Pack a pretty umbrella just to be on the safe side – you don’t want that hair and make-up getting ruined now! 00230023

Needle and thread

Mini sewing kits come complete with scissors, needles, threads, extra buttons and safety pins – all very useful when it comes to a wedding dress emergency.  CERI AND JAMES wedding1125

Chewing gum

No one wants to be a bride with bad breath so pack the chewing gum to make sure your breath is fresh. Just remember to take it out before the ceremony. Dave and Mel's Honington Wedding by Marcus Ward - Bigeye Photography-141

White chalk

White chalk is a sneaky trick to disguise any smudges or smears on your wedding dress that might appear at the last minute. Ask your bridal boutique for emergency dress advice too – they know all the best tricks!

Nail polish

No, we’re not talking about re-doing your manicure during the day. A clear nail polish works wonders to avoid huge ladders in your stockings and tights.


Super glue

The uses for super glue are endless, and you never know when and where it will come in handy – just pack a little bottle and you’re ready to fix just about anything! Daffodil Waves Photography - Warwick House Wedding - Tom and Vicky468

Ballet pumps

Wearing heels all day long can get a bit much, so pack the ballet pumps for when your feet start aching or just in time to bust some moves on the dancefloor. We’ve got lots of tips on when it comes to picking the best heels for you to save you from the pain, right here.   Charlotte & Rob__027

Is wedding planning getting the better of you. Take a deep breath, and let us guide you through the whole process right here…