You may have spent a long time discussing your first dance song with your partner, but don’t forget the all important wedding ceremony songs for walking in and walking out.

When choosing the music for your wedding ceremony, you’ll need to make two important choices – your processional and recessional songs.


Wedding Ceremony Songs – Walking in and Walking out

A processional song is the music that you and your wedding party will walk down the aisle to – you can have one song for everyone, or choose a separate song for your grand entrance. At the end of the ceremony, you and your new husband leave the venue to your recessional music, which tends to be more upbeat than the processional.

There are traditional choices for both of these pieces of music, but we’ve given you a couple of options to consider. Listen and enjoy!

Processional Wedding Ceremony Songs

1. Bridal Chorus, Wagner

Often known as Here Comes The Bride, this piece of classical music is the traditional choice for the procession of the bride, and is often played on an organ. We’ve chosen a slightly more modern arrangement by Vicente Avella on classical piano – that way you can keep the element of tradition without the drama!

2. Canon in D, Pachelbel

Another very popular choice with brides. This gorgeous piece of music sounds beautiful played by a traditional quartet, but we also love this version by Per-Olov Kindgren on classical guitar.

3. A Thousand Years, The Piano Guys (originally Christina Perri)

Often couples can’t decide between a classic instrumental or a more modern lovesong with vocals for their processional music. Why not get the best of both worlds with an instrumental cover of one of your favourite songs? We seriously love this piano and cello cover of Christina Perri – check out The Piano Guys for more classical covers.

4. Glasgow Love Theme, from Love Actually

Walking down the aisle to a song from your favourite film soundtrack is another way to incorporate instrumental music with a personal touch into your ceremony. There are loads of options to choose from – Love Actually is a great place to start, and will have you welling up before you know it.

5. Marry Me, Train

If you want a modern song but aren’t sure what sort of thing to go for, then we think this a great choice. The melody and lyrics are both beautiful, and the tempo isn’t too fast for a processional.

6. Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Israel Kamakawiwo’Ole

For something a little bit different, you can’t beat this gorgeous ukelele cover – it’s sure to get everyone smiling!

Recessional Wedding Ceremony Songs

7. Wedding March, Mendelssohn

This is the traditional choice for the wedding recessional. This grand organ piece is definitely all about the high drama, so is best suited to larger or religious venues.

8. Arrival of the Queen of Sheba, Handel

This classical piece may be intended to signify an arrival, but it works perfectly for a recessional – it’s high tempo and undoubtedly joyful. Perfect for more traditional couples.

9. Don’t Stop Believing, Vitamin String Quartet (originally Journey)

Another classical cover of a modern tune – we love this version of Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing as played by a string quartet, as it strikes the perfect balance between traditional and contemporary. You can download it on Amazon Prime Music here.

10. Signed, Sealed, Delivered, Stevie Wonder

One of the most popular modern choices – and with good reason! After all, you and your new husband have just signed the wedding register, so the lyrics “signed, sealed, delivered – I’m yours!” are particularly meaningful.

11. First Day Of My Life, Bright Eyes

This adorable acoustic song is a great choice for couples looking for a quirky alternative, and we think it’s a lovely way to start the first day of your married life.

12. Now That We Found Love, Heavy D & The Boyz

For those looking for something truly different, we’ve loved this song for a wedding ever since we saw Will Smith and Eva Mendes get down to it in the last scene of Hitch. Do you think you and your new husband can beat their moves?

Depending on the venue you may be limited on live performances or online-based playlists, so you can always opt for this fail-safe CD with some classic wedding songs both old and new.


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  1. I walked dowm to ‘iris’ by googoo dolls…..I walked out to ‘lets get ready to rhumble” by pj & duncan. (I have a small obsession for ant and dec). My husband just laughed…as did all our guests.

  2. I walked down to Run to You, Whitney Houston, I had to find the music for the organist so was so pleased to hear him play it as i walked into the church, and had a good old traditional as we walked out.

  3. I walked down the aisle to the chariots of fire music (that slow motion olympic track). I have mobility problems but I keep active and keep a sense of humour about it. I thought it would be so funny and very ironic for me to go down the aisle to the olympic music. I’m pleased to announce everyone enjoyed the joke and it always raises a smile when I tell people.

  4. We had the brilliant bossard string quartet play for our wedding. I walked in to Aerosmith I don’t want to miss a thing clinging to my dad for dear life as so emotional. Walking out was my husbands choice and that was the Star Wars cantina band 🙂 so many beautiful choices. Signed register to Bryan Adams heaven and Bach Air.

  5. We get married on Xmas eve and I am walking in with Will Youngs version of Your Love is King and we are walking out to Michael Bubles All I want for Christmas 🙂

  6. Walking into our amazing church with a piano piece called ‘Dawn’ from the film Pride and Prejudice and to go out The Wedding March from Midsummer Nights Dream . perfecto 🙂

  7. Were struggling to find a song that we both like to have our first dance to.partner likes quite rocky music and I like anything really but need something that I won’t cry to,I cry at everything!

  8. So many great songs to choose from! Can be tough! We always say to go with something fun which you both like. And if you have a relative or friend who can genuinely sing or play an instrument, it can be really nice to get them involved. Jamie x

  9. I wrote my own vows and sang them that at my wedding. Here they are:

    Last night I tried to find the words to tell you that I love you.
    Last night I tried to find the words to tell you that I care.
    Last night I tried to find the words to tell you how I feel.
    Last night I tried to find the words, but the words, they were nowhere.
    Last night I tried to find the words to tell you I’ll be there
    Through thick and thin, and good and bad,
    Through ups and downs, and happy and sad.
    Last night I tried to find the words, but the words, they were nowhere.
    Then the hours turned the night into the early morn,
    And all I have to offer is one poorly written song.
    But I hope you take it in your heart and hold it all your life,
    ‘Cause with this early morning song, I take you as my wife.

    Needless to say my bride was totally surprised and cried through the whole thing. You can hear the song on my website,

    Since I’m the sole author, I can guarantee that, if you want to use this song at your wedding, you will not be sued for a copyright violation.

  10. I love ‘Feel My Love’ by Adele for walking down the aisle. For walking out as a married couple, ‘Marry You’ by Bruno Mars isn’t just lyrically perfect but has a really uplifting and celebratory vibe.

  11. My favourite piece is ‘The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba’. I wasn’t sure I should choose it for my recessional as it’s got ‘arrival’ in the name but it’s a great piece of music and it’s the perfect piece to send us on our way at the end of the ceremony 🙂

  12. My bridesmaids walked down to a gorgeous version of Beautiful Day, then I walked down the aisle to a great version of Pachbel’s Canon, then my husband and I walked out to Michael Buble’s The Best Is Yet To Come. For fun, we ran out at the end of the night to Livin’ On A Prayer.

  13. WOW – thank you! I’d never heard of the Vitamin String Quartet before. And now I absolutely love them!!! I am now planning on using one of their songs for our wedding ceremony and am very excited about it!

  14. Amazing list! The first 5 songs are perfect in that order. I love the arrangement and makes picking these songs easy! Great content! Great Article!!

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