12 Rules Of Groomswear That Your h2b Should Know

We’ve got 12 little rules your husband-to-be should abide by when it comes to groomswear, to make sure he’s looking aisle-ready on your wedding day.

12 Rules Of Groomswear That Your h2b Should Know

Rule 1

Make sure that the width of your tie matches the width of your lapel.

12 Rules Of Groomswear That Your h2b Should Know

Rule 2

Your lapel pin should always be on your left hand side and this goes for other accessories like your pocket square, too.

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Rule 3

We love the look of the pocket square, but make sure it’s not the same pattern or fabric of your tie.


Rule 4

The first thing when buying a ready-made suit is to check is how the shoulders fit.


Rule 5

A way to recognise an ill-fitting suit is there being a collar gap between the shirt collar and the jacket’s lapel.


Rule 6

When it comes to your choosing a belt, it should be the same colour as your shoes.


Rule 7

Make sure that you can slip your hand between your chest and buttoned jacket so that it’s snug, but has a bit of room to move.


Rule 8

To avoid ruining a suit, you should always unbutton it before sitting down at the wedding ceremony.


Rule 9

The top button of a two-button jacket, or the middle of a three-button, should fall above your belly button.


Rule 10

Sleeve cuffs are meant to be exposed about about half an inch for a formal look.


Rule 11

The suit jacket should be just long enough to cover your trouser zip.


Rule 12

Your tie should just about reach your trouser’s waistband, or be slightly shorter.


Now you’ve got the outfit sorted, you can start planning his other duties. Get the speech in order here… And then check out these wonderful wedding morning gifts!