An emoji is worth a thousand words, and these emojis save you the trouble of telling the long, complicated story of how he or she proposed. So come on, spill the beans and tell your friends all about how you got #engaged with a proposal in emojis.


Your Proposal in Emojis

You got the ring

You didn’t see it coming, it was a total surprise! Next thing you know, they are down on one knee and offering you this beautiful engagement ring. You said yes of course, and now here you are! #engaged



You prayed (for your partner to pop the question)

You waited long enough, and finally they asked. You dropped plenty of (subtle) hints every day and, eventually, your prayers were answered! #thankyou


You’re smug

Looking back, you’re really pleased that you did send him all of those articles on how to find the perfect engagement ring and guides for how to propose, because they nailed it. The ring is stunning, the proposal was romantic and you feel like the luckiest person alive. #bestlife


You’re totally in love

Love is in the air and in your eyes. Your friends will see this emoji alongside the inevitable Instagram of you and your partner giddy with happiness, captioned #isaidyes. Better hurry up and pick the perfect filter! #lovedup


The phone call

If you don’t think that your grandma would appreciate a long line of indecipherable graphics, perhaps you should give her a call. You spend the next hour reciting every moment of the proposal to your family through random spurts of tears and fits of laughter while showing off how massive the ring is through a poor connection on FaceTime. #surprise


Get those pics!

As your happy hysteria subsides, it dawns on you. What are you waiting for? The Instagram opportunity of a lifetime is passing you by! You grab your partner, race towards where the lighting is just right, and flash that ring for the camera.#selfie


Like, like, comment, like!

You finally snapped that perfect couples shot that puts Justin and Hailey Bieber to shame. The filter makes you glow, the timing is perfect, and you add a caption that lets everyone know how #blessed you are feeling. The likes are endless so you put down your phone and head off for a romantic stroll with your partner, exhausted from being so popular. #isaidyes


Baby? What baby?

Hold on, we though this was a proposal in emojis, not a pregnancy. Just when you’re feeling like all is right with the world, someone says the b-word. You’ve already seen this emoji twenty times today, and you’ve just found out that your mother has bought you a subscription to Baby magazine! You send a strongly worded message on the family group chat explaining that the use of this emoji is banned for at least the next twelve months. #babyphobia


Got to get on Pinterest ASAP

Are you a boho bride? Chic bride? Bouji bride? You don’t know! But feel you need to find out right this second. Pinterest at the ready, your obsession with bouquets and centrepieces begins. #busybride



You’re exhausted, nervous, and overwhelmed. Who knew that planning a wedding was so much work? How are you supposed to know how to do any of this? Thank goodness you found the 15 Top Wedding Planning Tips for newlyweds! #relax



Your best friend is in tears, your sister is jealous and your mum has turned into a professional wedding planner. You all need a break, so it’s time to go out and party, hard! #celebrations


The morning after

Okay, not that hardYou’ve had your fun now, bride to be, and it’s time to wake up and get a move on – there’s a wedding to plan! First though, coffee… #hangover



OMG you’re a bride!

You did it! You beat the bridal boot camp, you said yes to the dress, and you planned the wedding of your dreams. Now all that’s left is to sashay down that aisle – here comes the bride! #bride


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