With these 12 DIY wedding favours suggestions, you can reinvent this tradition and show your appreciation for friends and family in a unique and personalised way!




Potted plants

If you’re particularly passionate about gardening, a small potted plant can be a great little present for your guests. If you’re growing the plant before the wedding, make sure you give yourself enough time. Alternatively you can plant a bulb, such as a tulip or daffodil, for your guests to grow themselves and, for that personal touch, you can attach a parcel tag with the guest’s name and even use the plant as a place setting too.

Coin jewellery/coin bowls

Spare change can make an excellent craft material. Why not use all the pennies you’ve got lying about the house to make your guests some shiny accessories? As well as jewellery, you can also make a coin bowl by gluing coins together into a circular stack – a handy gift for your friends to put their keys or (even more) spare change in!


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Fans can be a great way to chill out if your wedding is taking place during the summer months. A cute photo, or even the wedding programme, printed onto the fan will give it a distinctive touch, while your guests keep themselves cool.



A little bag or jar of tea/coffee can make a great wedding favour – especially if you pick unfamiliar blends and flavours that your guests may not have tasted before. You can personalise the container too, or give each guest a tea/coffee suited to their tastes.



Cakes/jam/popcorn in a jar

Give your guests something sweet to take away by filling a jar with homemade cake/dessert, jam, or even popcorn! You can personalise the jars with your guest’s name and even print some cute photos on each treat.


You can have a lot of fun personalising matchboxes for your guests. They’ll have something handy to take home, but also something special which they can use again and again.


A simple but stylish choice. Fill a jar with candle wax and attach a label with its own individual message. Made from recycled materials and natural ingredients, Soy wax candles in particular are perfect for working to any budget.

Custom mugs

You can customise mugs for each guest with their names or initials, or alternatively print a nice photo of yourselves to remind everyone of your happy day. As an added bonus, you can also fill the mug with marshmallows and other tasty treats.


A mix CD can be a lovely retro gift – either a collection of both of your favourite songs, or even a selection of the ‘greatest hits’ played at your wedding reception. It will be something your guests can dance to time and time again.


A couple of beautiful wooden coasters wrapped up in string with a personalised label. These can be pretty straightforward to make and something practical for your friends and family to use.

Miniature Bottle

A miniature bottle with a customised label and filled with an alcohol of your choice can be a fun gift. These are easy to achieve if you bulk-buy empty bottles and print sticky labels. Your alcohol of choice can then be consumed as a shot if your guests are feeling in the party mood!



You can use a wide range of materials for keyrings, even spare corks from the hen night and stag do. You can cheaply buy a pack of rings to attach to these corks, and also customise them further with pins, beads etc.