Still debating whether or not you need a wedding videographer? We say, absolutely! Here are 11 ways to make sure your big day video is one to watch again and again… For all the right reasons! 284_jennifer-andrew

Quality worth paying for

“The price of a videographer’s work reflects their quality. Filming a wedding day for nearly 12 hours, editing it, and so on, is time consuming. If you are happy to pay £2,000 for a dress, why not pay a videographer to capture you in that wedding dress?” Robert at Ding Dong Wedding Videos

Keep it for the professionals

“Wedding videography is a bit more than just pointing a camera, it involves experience, skill and time. It involves as much, if not more work, than a photographer, so asking someone to film a video for nothing is a risky venture.” Robert at Ding Dong Wedding Videos


“If you’re planning a church wedding, it is essential to get the permission of the Vicar and of the minister who is conducting the service, as some churches have a policy against recording in order to preserve their image for copyright reasons.” Philip at Cupcake Videos

Variety of videography

“There are so many different styles of videography to choose from, from nostalgic 8mm to contemporary and cinematic. Take your time to find a style that suits you, and think about how it may age over the next few decades! Many fads from the 80s and 90s are now cringeworthy and the same thing could be true of current trends.” Zoe at Ido Wedding Films

Stick to your style

“Different videographers have different styles, so it’s really important that you do your own research first, find the style that you like, and then find a videographer who can do it for you.” Irene at Dolce Vita Films

“When meeting a videographer, ask to see full examples of their work and not just a showreel as they could be hiding the bad parts.” Robert at Ding Dong Wedding Videos

Communication is key

“Once you’ve found a videographer that you like, and that fits into your price range, have a long conversation about your plans for the day and how you see the final video looking. It’s easy for wires to get crossed and it’s much easier to get any problems ironed out ahead of the big day!” Irene at Dolce Vita Films

Double up

“Another aspect to consider when choosing a videographer for your wedding is how many crew they will send on the day. Having multiple crew means multiple angles and more memories can be captured.” Irene at Dolce Vita Films

“Be sure to ask how many cameras your videographer or videographers will use on the day – two should be your minimum, after all, there are no retakes for your wedding day! It also means that you’ll get more perspectives of your big day, lending more of a holistic scope to the final product, and allowing you to get far more for your money.” Philip at Cupcake Videos

Get in there early

“Plan your wedding photographer around the same time as your photographer so you won’t get disappointed. Leaving it last minute with a budget of £20 will leave you with limited options.” Robert at Ding Dong Wedding Videos

Get the sound sorted

“When people think about a wedding video, beautiful visuals immediately spring to mind, and why wouldn’t they? But what happens when you finally receive your wedding video, only to find that the emotional speech from the father of the bride is drowned out by Uncle Ted munching on cheese and biscuits? Bad sound can render a precious memory practically unwatchable, so be sure to consider this in your consultation.” Philip at Cupcake Videos

“Make sure that you involve your videographer with the rest of your team, too, including the venue managers, photographers, audio team and DJ. A good videographer will work with everyone else to ensure that you get the perfect coverage and audio from your wedding!” Irene at Dolce Vita Films

Just in case

“Ask them what happens if they’re unable to cover your big day due to illness. Do they have a back-up or good relationships with other professionals? We’ve covered four weddings this year for couples who have been let down last minute, so it happens!” Zoe at Ido Wedding Films

Post-wedding bits and bobs

“Agree a date with your videographer about when you can see a first cut of the video, and negotiate about whether you can make any changes to it. At Dolce Vita Films, we always give couples two stages of sign-off so they can make small changes to the video, to fit their personal preference.” Irene at Dolce Vita Films

“Is there an option to see a draft of your film? It’s a great way of making sure the film is yours and exactly how you want it.” Zoe at Ido Wedding Films

Great advice there. Check out more videos from these fab videographers on their website, they might just be the videographer for you! Want to know how to look your best in your wedding film? Check out our posing tips right here.