Even though it’s YOUR day and you can do it however you want, there’s always a little thing at the back of your mind that wants to impress the guests, isn’t there?

So we answer your questions on those things that your wedding guests will definitely remember…

Your dress

The dress is just as special to your wedding guests as it is to you! The moment you walk down the aisle, they can’t help but turn around and check out what wedding gown you’ve gone for, inspect every single detail of it, and almost definitely tell you later how beautiful you look…

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The bridesmaid dresses often give the guests an idea of the theme you’re going for, and you can’t help but notice what they’re wearing when there’s four or five of them looking pretty matchy-matchy!

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Personal touches

Doing something a little different on your big day is a definite winner with us at Wedding Ideas and will be with your guests, too. It will make your day stand out from the rest.

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Something your guests will definitely remember is waiting around – and that’s not in any way a good thing. Make sure organisation is up to scratch: ensure your guests have somewhere to park the car, have an easy journey between the ceremony and reception venue, and plan some entertainment so they’re not waiting around doing nothing!

Reception room

The reception room is the place where a lot of your wedding planning work will be going towards, and you know what? It will be totally worth it. Wedding guests can’t help but have a nose around, inspecting the table plan, the table decorations, the creative table names you thought up and any of those personal touches you’ve added. Be prepared to impress!

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Bad table plan

Like we just said, the table plan will be inspected. Guests will be looking for who they are sitting next to, and who others are sitting next to. If they’re happy with their neighbours for the wedding breakfast, that’s fine – they’ll chat away nicely. However, if they’re not not with their next-door neighbour, it’s something they’ll remember about the wedding day as a whole. No pressure or anything…

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It’s human nature, really – people are inevitably going to remember what there was to eat on your wedding day, whether good or bad. From those little appetizers that were bobbing around your drinks reception, to the slice of cake and other midnight snacks at the end of the night, it’s an easy way to the hearts of your guests.

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Another factor of human nature: we love to boogy! (Or at least attempt). This is why it’s important you get a good playlist sorted to get your guests on the dancefloor. No one likes those awkward empty-dancefloor moments where the DJ is giving it all he’s got, playing to a crowd of… oh, no one.

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There are a series of speeches that traditionally take place after the food, and there’s a few less traditional ones, too (brides – hand up if you’re making a speech for your big day!). This is the time where there runs a few risks of 1) long speeches, 2) inappropriate speeches, and 3) just plain dull speeches. These kind of speeches are just as memorable as a great speech, just in a less positive way.

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The drunk one

There’s always one that enjoys the free bubbly and open bar a little too much, isn’t there! But unfortunately, this nice little wedding feature is actually something that is beyond your control!

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Thank you cards

After the wedding day is over and your guests are still reminiscing about those table centrepieces and the copious amounts of bubbly, send out your thank you cards! Your friends and family made the effort to celebrate with you on your special day, and you should thank them for it. It makes it all the more worth it!

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