Wedding day excitement is one of the best feelings ever, and it’s almost impossible to ruin. But there are a couple of things you’d just prefer NOT to deal with on your big day…

Annoying bridesmaids

The morning of your big day is going to be a mixture of nerves and excitement. Getting ready and seeing yourself all dolled up in your wedding dress and make-up is going to be a really special moment. One thing that will take away from it? One of your bridesmaids shouting at the make-up artist that her eyeliner flick is wonky, and the other moaning about the dress not suiting her. 748


Having been planning this day for a long time, you know what’s what and you know when’s when. The day itself has been mapped out minute by minute, so why would, or how COULD anyone be late? Today, the term ‘fashionably late’ is reserved for the bride and her best girls only. No exceptions, boys – and definitely NO texts like these.


Unfortunately, as much as you would like to, you cannot control the weather. Rain is like an uninvited wedding guest – there’s nothing you can do once it’s come, but it’s a bit of a hassle. To get round it ruining anything on your big day, have a plan B prepared well in advance. What better excuse to buy you and your maids matching umbrellas? They’re the perfect photo prop!

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Complaining guests

Whether it be about the weather, or whether the wedding guests have picked up on something else that they’re not so keen on, guests do complain. But do you know what? You don’t want to know, especially on your special day. There’s no point in dwelling on things that can’t be helped.

DIY disaster

So the ceremony is over, now you and your new hubby are walking into the reception venue… what do you see? Your homemade bunting falling apart by the second. It’s not ideal, especially if you spent a lot of time doing these DIY features and that superglue you used just isn’t sticking. But just think: firstly, this is a minor factor of your day and will not take away from how amazing it is in anyway! And secondly, superglue for bunting – really?

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Phone pings

Whilst texts, Facebook messages, cute Instagram posts of you and your friend when you were little, and phonecalls wishing you luck on your wedding day is super nice, it also is ON your wedding day. The schedule for today is most likely pretty tight, and as much as you want to like, share and appreciate these little messages, it’s not the best time. Leave your phone on silent and keep focused on the things that need to be done, and leave those notifications until later…

Monster mothers

With the common motherly tendency to take over, this is up there with one of the most common pet peeves of brides on their wedding day. Whilst it’s all out of the goodness of all mothers’ hearts, and in a way, showing how much they love and care for you, it can get a bit much. Seeing as it’s your day and all…  Charlotte Greg Wedding -148

The football results

With Saturdays being the most popular day for weddings, you might know – and your male guests will definitely know – that it’s common for big days to clash with big games. No bride likes the idea of being in the middle of a conversation with her new hubby, to look up and find that he’s off to join the crowd of men surrounding a mobile phone that is streaming the live commentary of today’s football match.

No sitting down

Being a bride is busy work! Like having no time to text back your friend who couldn’t make the wedding, you might find you don’t even have that much time to sit down. Being on your feet all day long is only going to make you more tired, and probably a bit grumpy too. If a seat is near by, be wise and take the opportunity! Save your poor feet. Elizabeth + Graham {Pembroke Lodge Wedding)-393

Drunken antics

It’s fair enough that weddings can be seen as a big party – there is something very special to celebrate after all! But what’s not something to celebrate is your teenage cousin passed out on the lawn outside the venue, or one of the groomsmen fast asleep in his soup (the first course of your five course meal).

Sore feet

From the moment you wake up on your big day, to the end of the night when you’re hitting the sheets, you’re going to be rushed off your feet… except, your feet are actually, probably going to suffer. Those skyscraper heels may have seemed like a great idea at the time but…