In the run up to your big day, there’s a mixture of excitement and nerves. But what is it in particular that gets brides-to-be waking up in cold sweats in the middle of the night?

Here are 11 of the biggest wedding day fears of every bride-to-be and how to deal with them… Have we missed any?

Being ill

A dreadful cold probably isn’t on the list of favourite things to wake up to on your wedding day. Your big day will be tiring enough with you being on your feet almost all day, let alone with a oxygen-prohibiting, blocked nose.

It’s all about what you do in the run up to the day itself that will prevent this from happening – have a look right here for more top tips that will make sure you’re feeling your best!

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The dress not fitting

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As soon as you spotted it in the shop you fell in love with it, and the love continued after you got it fitted, and every thought you gave it. But what happens if you wake up on your wedding day and the buttons or lace-back just won’t do up? You can’t exactly walk down the aisle in your dressing gown!

Ladies, ladies – do not worry. This is just a panic that a lot of brides go through, which is all down to the fact that they love their dresses that much – and we can’t blame you! It’s just automatically programmed into the human system that negative thinking has to creep in at some point, even when it comes to your wedding dress.  S+B_0136

Running out of time

What happens if your alarm goes off too late? What happens if you can’t get your hair and make-up done in time? What happens if you have to go to the ceremony with one shoe on and the other part dangling off?

Really though – what happens if you’re over-reacting!? The more likely problem you’re going to have is not being able to sleep before your wedding day! You’ll be far too excited to have time to sleep. But do make sure you get a couple of hours in at least so you’re not ready for bed when the party gets started. DSC_5846

Bad hair day

Every girl knows these days all too well – the days when your hair does pretty much the opposite of what you want it to. Your hair has a mind of its own, and all the brushing, spraying, teasing in the world will not sway it.

No one likes to wake up to completely uncontrollable hair, especially on their wedding day. Follow this hair timetable in the days running up to your big day to make sure it’s tame and well-behaved for when the day comes around. Michelle-Simon-033

The weather

This can be a contributor to the above ‘bad hair day’ fear, but also a host of many other dilemmas: dress problems, outdoor ceremony or reception problems, and wedding photography problems. It’s no bride’s ideal to have torrential rain or heavy winds as a forecast for their wedding day, is it?

But be prepared, and you’ll be laughing! Get your wellies at the ready, and have a look at these other ideas to beat the rain!   Charlotte & Rob__331

Tripping over

One of the most significant parts of a wedding day you’ll think of is the bride walking down the aisle. Face planting in front of the groom you’re walking towards, and in front of every single one of your guests isn’t part of that image.

To be honest, it’s an unlikely event to happen! Especially if you’re so concerned about it, like most brides are. I mean, even the groom considers it happening. Just stay clear of the skyscraper heels that you can’t walk in perhaps…  Sophia & Robin-0064

No one turning up

The thoughts of an empty ceremony room have resulted in many sleepless nights for oh-so many brides. Whether its those unanswered RSVPs that cannot escape the bridely mind, or just the paranoia that that special moment of walking down the aisle is seen by absolutely no one, it is a common negative thought.

You know just as much as we do how silly it is to think that! Come on now, it doesn’t even need explaining… 2013-07-27 00223

Saying the wrong name

Whether it’s Ross from Friends moment (we do hope not), or just because you’ve got a first or surname that most people aren’t too familiar with, it could equal a pretty embarrassing moment.

We can’t say we’ve ever heard any of the grooms from our real weddings trip up like Ross did, but do make sure your officiant gets to know you and the groom before the wedding to get a personal touch that makes ceremonies so much more special for the guests. And yes, that will include knowing your name. 13090101_233

Dress disaster

There are a lot of foods and drinks that are often on wedding menus that will make a ‘Warning’ sign flash up in your head. Red wine or gravy spillages = total nightmare for the one in the white dress.

The trick is to use that ‘Warning’ sign that is flashing up in your mind, and be WARNED. We’re not saying ban yourself from red wine and gravy on your lamb shanks, we’re just saying ‘napkins’. LouiseRosePhotography_KNcol-225

Unflattering photos

When you’re looking and feeling as beautiful as you do on your wedding day, you want the pictures to reflect that so you can enjoy looking back at it. This is the reason why an album full of unflattering or awkward photographs of you and your groom probably sends shivers down your spine.

Always ask to see a photographer’s portfolio and ask them these important questions before booking them. A little ‘touch-up’ bag with lipgloss and concealer for your bridesmaids to take care of isn’t such a bad idea either.

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Your drunk Uncle

…or whichever family member is most likely to have a few too many drinks. Someone who is likely to embarrass you, through stories about you or their general behaviour, as the night progresses is probably more scary than that glass of red wine on the edge of the table.

If you don’t feel up to it, get someone to have a private word to ask them to maybe hold back on the drinks for an hour, or three! Michelle-Simon-667

So these are some of the worst wedding day fears of brides-to-be just like you, have we missed any? But what about your bridesmaids? Find out their worst nightmares right here