Thinking of your wedding reception food? Stop and think before you finalise that menu! No one wants bad breath or a bloated tummy on the big day! Here are 11 dishes and drinks to ditch…

A hint of garlic

When it comes to bad breath that lasts hours, garlic and onion have to be one of the worst offending ingredients. Although fine in moderation, you may want to make sure that the main meal isn’t swimming in these taste sensations!

Too spicy

Spicy food is an acquired taste, so even if a vindaloo is your idea of heaven, if your guests are less impressed then that’s double trouble – money down the pan and unhappy, hungry friends and family. Not exactly the atmosphere that you’ll want for your wedding reception!

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Bloating bread

Ahh, life can be cruel sometimes. Bread is a simply delicious staple that more or less everyone has in their daily diet, and it’s one of the hardest things to cut out when you’re trying to slim! Bread may be tasty but it has a nasty habit of bloating out tummies, which will make you feel uncomfortably full after your meal. That’s the last thing you’ll want ahead of a night of drinking and dancing.

Make a splash

Saucy meals like spaghetti bolognese , soups and carbonara may be delicious but they spell trouble at formal events. From having an embarrassing moment trying to slurp the saucy pasta to splashing your white gown in tomato juice (eeek!). It has disaster written all over it.

Fizzy fiasco

Yes, it is a day that calls for celebration, as in lots and lots of bubbly BUT, be warned – fizzy before a speech is a bad idea! The gases could surface while you’re talking…

Coffee breath

It happens to the best of us – you are talking to a friend or colleague and realise that the stale caffeinated whiff is in fact coming from you! Coffee and tea are often served after the dessert, but is it essential? Do people really want a hot drink after a hot meal before toasting with champagne?! Decrease the risk of bad breath and dehydration by cutting out these British favourites.

Hot dishes

Are you getting married in summer? Or is the weather forecast looking hot or humid on your day? Then don’t go with traditional foods that could make guests swelter. Soup is a firm favourite for starters, but on a hot day, is it really a good idea? Likewise, a hot dessert after a main and starter may be a bit too much? If you have your heart set on these, make sure you serve with something cool, like a salad garnish or ice cream with a pudding.

Sweet treats

Creamy cupcakes, sweetie tables and ice creams sure do taste scrummy, but they may leave you feeling a little sickly if you have too much. This is particularly important if you’re having children to the wedding reception who simply don’t know their limits! Avoid any green faces by keeping a lid on the sweet menu.

Teeth terrors

One thing couples often don’t think of is the little bits and pieces that get caught in your teeth! Some of the worst offenders are herbed meals, sweetcorn and sesame seeds. Not a good look when you’re posing for photos and you have half your meal caught between your teeth!

Wine stains

This one is not to be overlooked! Red wine is the perfect accompaniment to a number of meals and dishes, but there’s a slight problem – the risk of a disaster spillage on the dress is high (especially with a nervous groom next to you before the speech!), and of course, it has a habit of staining teeth into a purple shade as well as the creases of your mouth. Not the look you’ll want when you’re greeting the evening guests.

Cheese wheels

Replacing a tiered cake with cheese wheels is a great idea, but here’s a word of warning – research your cheeses first. Smelly ones will stink out your venue and you won’t be able to get rid of it!

Whether you’re having a summer or winter wedding, traditional or alternative, we know the best foods for your big day that you and your guests will love.