Acting as the front man for the wedding band, lending their trousers to the best man and chauffeuring the lucky couple to a wedding venue in a Ferrari are just some of the lengths Premier Inn team members across the country have gone to in order to ensure a guests’ wedding day is perfect.


Premier Inn, the UK’s best value hotel chain, today revealed some of the unusual wedding requests that their team members have fulfilled for guests over the years as another wedding season approaches. Premier Inn team members have helped write a best man speech, built an impromptu hairdressing salon, danced the fox trot in a corridor and even lent their own wedding rings for the ceremony!

A Premier Inn spokesperson said; “We welcome hundreds of guests and wedding parties through our doors each year.

Planning a wedding can be a stressful time and the last thing you want the night before the big day is a bad night’s sleep as excitement and nerves run high. We’re committed to giving guests a good night’s sleep guaranteed, which we hope helps ensure everything runs smoothly  – even if it does mean giving up your trousers from time to time!”

The top ten weirdest wedding requests that Premier Inn team members have been asked to do are:

  1. The night porter lending his trousers to the best man who left his at home
  2. Taking the lead in a wedding band when the original singer lost his voice
  3. Helping the best man write and practice his speech
  4. Transforming the lobby into a hairdressers for two elderly wedding guests who couldn’t get to the local salon in time
  5. Lending wedding rings for the ceremony after the bride and groom left theirs at home
  6. Teaching the groom the fox trot in the corridor the night before the big day
  7. Becoming the official photographer of the ceremony after the original photographer was stuck in traffic
  8. Concealing and escorting a bridal party from the hotel to the venue without any of the family seeing
  9. Chauffeuring the couple from ceremony venue to reception venue in a team members Ferrari
  10. Making the perfect bouquet for the bride using flowers from a team members own garden after the wrong arrangement was delivered by the florist

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