Writing wedding vows for the biggest day of your life can sometimes feel a bit daunting

10-wedding-vows-for-a-happy-marriageBut the best bit is yet to come – the marriage! Follow our marital bliss top tips and live like every day is your big day! For as long as you both shall live…

I will… celebrate our differences

If your new husband swears blind that the ironing board is, in fact, a clever, new-aged piece of gym equipment, try not to make a big issue of it. Just remember his reaction when you buy another candle for the guest room. Or how he feels about potpourri!

I will… keep things in perspective

Little things about your new husband are bound to get annoying. How many times, we ask you, do we need to say the words ‘toilet seat’ and ‘down’ in the same sentence? But pick your battles carefully and be prepared to let the little things go.

I will… communicate

It really is good to talk! Try not to let things fester away – you’ll feel much better after having your say and clearing the air. But remember, communication is a two way street: listen to what he has to say, too.

I will… give you your space

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Your husband is your soul mate, not your sole mate – don’t forget your friends. Boys’ nights out are brilliant – grab the girls and head out for cocktails! Parting may be such sweet, sweet sorrow but just think of the reunion!

I will… remember to laugh

Don’t forget your sense of humour! If his idea of the ‘essentials only’ weekly shop includes a case of beer and a few packets of crisps (and nothing else), try to chuckle at him instead of choking him! If you can share a giggle together then you’re in for the long haul!

I will… discuss financial issues

Don’t let the big buck rule, but don’t ignore your finances either. Remember all that careful budgeting before the big day? Bear that in mind for the future! The key is to stick together – take the time to go through your spending, draw up a plan that prioritises where money is spent and make allowances for each other’s ‘must haves.’

I will… take an interest in you

Clearly girls, the offside rule is fascinating, fast cars are enthralling and you very much look forward to the ‘lager versus real ale’ debate! Take the time to really listen to your man. Respect his interests, support his hobbies, compromise with the remote and with a little luck, he’ll return the favour.

I will… have the ‘baby’ talk

If you both see children in your future, discuss in advance how you intend to handle that roller-coaster ride. The ‘Do we need a bigger car?’ and ‘Don’t we need a license or something?’ conversations, will crop up and need to be considered.

I will… learn to forgive and forget

Of course, you and your husband will fall out. But it’s the way you argue that counts (and the way you make up!). Be the first to say you’re sorry – even if you’re in the right. Do whatever it takes to make up.

I will… never forget why I married you

Your new husband is quite simply gorgeous. So when he locks himself out of the house at 3am, with the alluring smell of old pub and yesterday’s clothes, just remember the look in his eyes when you agreed to become his wife. And try a little tenderness…