Traditions revolved around weddings have formed and been cemented, but as time has gone on, it looks like more couples are willing to break the rules. So we’ve got 10 of the wedding rules it’s completely okay for you to break…

The bride’s family pays the bill

However much the groom might be nodding his head at this tradition, it’s not something that is done so much anymore. Couples have become more independent in creating and sticking to a wedding budget that is entirely from their own purses, with maybe a little help from the parents on both sides sometimes.  Nicely spreading out the cheque book-related stress throughout the family might spare the bride’s mum and dad a few sleepless nights and heart palpitations… Rusty and Lucy's Wedding (145)

Choosing that white gown

When you think bride, it’s totally normal to think of a traditional-looking, A-line, white dress. Admit it! But now designers are ranging the styles in their collection to suit all types of brides – from traditional to more quirky looks – which is something we LOVE. Don’t think it’s all about the colour white, or all about the dress hem hitting the floor, because it’s just not. Nowadays, it’s all about finding a dress that suits you and your personality, no matter what colour, length, pattern, style… anything! Michelle-Simon-010

Matching maids

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Once you’ve picked your bridesmaids doesn’t mean you just have to pick ONE dress. In fact, a huge trend for 2015 (and we predict for many more years to follow!) is mismatched bridesmaids. This way you can suit each of your girls’ styles and personalities with what they wear, rather than them all conforming to the same look. And same goes for an equal number of bridesmaids and groomsmen. Unless you’ve got compulsive tendencies towards symmetry, mix up your bridal party! MR 0901

A wedding gift list full of houseware

In this day and age, it’s more common for the bride and groom to be already living together before the big day itself, and because of this, they most likely already have everything they want and need in their home. So the times of the wedding gift list being filled with new houseware to build the new marital home have gone, and we’re seeing far more alternative gift lists. How about Buy Our Honeymoon for example? With this alternative option, you can get the honeymoon you’ve always dreamt of from your family and friends.  2013-04-20 00090

Not seeing each other before

To some, not sleeping together or seeing each other before the ceremony is a cute and exciting tradition, meaning even more anticipation for the big day itself, but to others, not so much. It can be just as exciting to wake up and say ‘WE’RE GETTING MARRIED TODAY!’. Spending some one-on-one time with your future hubby on the day he becomes your hubby may relieve some pre-wedding stress too. Seeing him on the day is one box ticked in some ways, and this means you can concentrate far more on walking down the aisle to the right timing!

Your dad walking you down the aisle

Walking down the aisle is known for being a special father-daughter moment, but nowadays it’s certainly not a necessity. Whether or not there’s a problem that you can’t, or don’t want your dad walking you down the aisle, there’s no stopping you from picking someone else. It’s up to you entirely. Maybe you think you’re mum deserves that extra time in the limelight just as much as your dad? Why not have one on either side of you? rachel_dave-196

The ceremony seating

Say goodbye to that age-old tradition of the bride’s family on the left and the groom’s on the right during the ceremony. Getting married is all about two people coming together, so why can’t both sides of the family come together too?! Your guests may still abide by this traditional guideline, but the more relaxed, ‘grab a seat anywhere’ rule is becoming more and more popular with brides and grooms – why not put a fun sign to ensure the families mix? Matthew and Lindsey-179

Having a wedding cake

Likewise with the wedding gift lists, more and more couples are finding alternatives for wedding cakes on their big day. In our real weddings, we’ve seen a huge range of fun ideas that make a change from the traditional iced fruit cake – from cupcakes and profiteroles to cheese, scones and pork pies. We love these original ideas and cannot wait to see or hear about more! a&jW545

Sex on the wedding night

Whereas having sex on the wedding night, ‘consummating the marriage’ or even ‘sealing the deal’ used to be an inevitable activity between newlyweds, a recent survey has told us that this isn’t so much the case anymore. In fact, only  a third of couples do! And to be honest, who can blame you? It’s been a tiresome past couple of weeks, an especially tiresome day – it’s no surprise the first thing you want to do is lie down on that marital bed of yours and… sleep.  michelle&jon-1069

Honeymooning straight after the big day

Sometimes the budget doesn’t allow an immediate honeymoon meaning brides and grooms are waiting for a couple of weeks after their big day, or even a couple of years, to either save up the cash or to bag a cheaper flight to their desired destination. The trend of minimoons doesn’t look like it’s fading though – a little trip away for a long weekend or so whilst you’re waiting for that bigger holiday is the perfect idea for a little post-wedding relaxation and wind-down. 2013-06-02 00004

So it’s okay if you break some rules because you are the bride and groom after all, but what about your guests? We’ve got 8 things that wedding guests do, that they definitely, definitely shouldn’t do