Planning a wedding for the cooler months? Anna from shows us how to warm up a winter wedding, with fun ideas for decorations, accessories, and entertainment!

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Get Christmassy with baubles

Your wedding may not be Christmas-themed, but how about using pretty baubles as place card holders? A gold or silver bauble makes the perfect token for your guests to put on their tree, and will ensure your wedding is remembered year after year.

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Something old, something borrowed

Perhaps your granny has a special fur that she loved, that’s been stored away for many, many years. Ask to borrow it, and it could be a practical ‘something old’ and ‘something borrowed’! Remember to air it though – you don’t want to smell like mothballs!

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A souvenir scent

Flowers are so important for wedding, particularly in the winter when they can add a much-needed touch of brightness. There are plenty of scented roses, which look amazing with beautiful grey foliage and whose fragrance will always remind you of your special day.

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Drink up and keep warm

Remember – warm guests are happy guests! How about welcoming them with a warm mug of cocoa or glass of hot mulled wine? Who could turn down a delicious hot beverage after coming in from the cold?

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Must-have mistletoe

A winter wedding is the perfect place for mistletoe. If you’re having a civil ceremony, hang it above the location of your first kiss for a cute photo opportunity, or get guests in the romantic mood and have some suspended from the ceiling at your reception.

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Festive memories

If your family is like mine, you’ll have hours of camcorder footage that’s never seen the light of day. Edit your Christmas footage to show you and your intended excitedly opening presents, and play it on a projector during dinner or the evening reception.

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Prepare for all weathers

Expect the unexpected. Whether it be snow, hail or sunshine, plan ahead. Buy pretty wellies and remember to plan at least some of your festivities inside! For more top weather tips, check out our articles on how to keep wedding guests warm and how to beat wedding day rain!

Keep toastie with blankets

Churches can be freezing at the best of times, so you have bear this in mind during a winter wedding! How about leaving a number of blankets at the end of pews for those who might get a little chilly? You could also leave some by your reception doors for those younger guests (or at least young at heart!) who want to go outside and play in the snow.

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A sparkly bit of DIY

How about a tinsel photobooth? Buy metres of tinsel and drape over a spare curtain rail to create a sparkly festive photo backdrop Attach with glue or elastic bands and you’re good to go. The longer you need the booth to be, the more tinsel you’ll need.

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The perfect scene

Before your big day, scout around your venue for pretty places to have pictures taken. Perhaps you’ll strike lucky and find a picturesque garden, funny road sign or impressive piece of art to use as a backdrop. For winter weddings, a photo by a decorated Christmas tree is a must!

This helps with your wedding, but why not check out some of our other winter wedding tips? We can show you the best winter hairstyles, the coolest looks for those winter bridesmaids, and more Christmas theme ideas!