While wedding jewellery is beautiful and usually expensive, often brides don’t wear it after the big day. Many feel bridal accessories are too elaborate for everyday occasions. Others believe they should only be worn on the day of the wedding. If you’ve left your bridal treasures lying in the jewellery box, you might be interested in these top tips by award-winning online jeweller, TheDiamondStore.co.uk.  They share 10 clever and pretty ways to reuse and show off your bridal jewellery.




Diamond essentials

If you chose timeless diamond studs, a tennis bracelet or a solitaire pendant for your wedding, you’re probably re-wearing them already. But don’t forget that diamonds aren’t just for special occasions. Try pairing them with your favourite designer jeans for a touch of casual luxury.


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Ornamental pearl jewellery

While ordinary pearls are versatile, pearl wedding pieces can be too ornate for daily use. However, worn with a cocktail dress and heels they’ll create a glam and sophisticated wedding guest outfit.




Heavy necklaces

A big, elaborate, sparkling necklace may not be suited for daily use. But there’s nothing stopping you from re-wearing it on New Year’s Eve or for any type of red carpet occasion.


Admittedly, unless you’re invited to a state dinner or a royal wedding, you might struggle to wear a tiara after your wedding day. If you’re a trendsetter, though, you could try the ‘grunge tiara’ look at Glastonbury next year. Just combine your head bling with skinny jeans, wellies and a sparkly top.




Custom made statement items

Big, tailor-made pieces of wedding jewellery, such as elaborate Asian style headgear or bib necklaces, may be impossible to use after a wedding. The best thing to do is have them broken down by a professional jewellery designer who can then make them into new items like earrings or a bracelet.


Cocktail rings

Some brides opt for extra sparkle on their hands on their wedding day. A huge diamond cocktail ring can seem hard to wear in the office, but the trick is to keep the rest of your outfit and accessories very understated. If you do that, a statement ring will never be ‘too much’.

Large, colourful gemstones

You’d be surprised how smart big, brightly coloured jewels look when combined with monochrome clothing, such as a crisp white shirt or an elegant black trouser suit.


Drop earrings

Long, sparkly earrings are perfect for any glitzy girl’s night out. Want to make them appear a little less extravagant? Wear them with your hair down.




Bridal hair clips

Elaborate hair clips are usually made with artificial beads and crystals. So you could use them as shoe clips if they feel too fancy for your hair. Simply attach them onto ordinary heels or flats to turn your comfy shoes into chic party footwear.


‘Something old’

Inherited antique jewellery may be tricky to wear after a wedding. If that’s the case, it’s time to let someone else enjoy it. Loved jewellery mementoes make wonderful heirlooms to pass on to your daughters or nieces.