Peak wedding time is summer, which is also peak hayfever time too; something all brides dread! According to a poll by A. Vogel herbal remedies, just over half of sufferers feel bogged down and not their normal selves over the hayfever period, but fear not – we’ve got A. Vogel’s nutritional therapist Alison Cullen to help…

The poll of 1,000 hayfever sufferers revealed that stinging eyes, blocked noses, sneezing and all other hayfever-related horribleness left 4 in 10 feeling less attractive, with a fifth even cancelling social engagements because they feel so grotty. And 4 in 10 have sleepless nights as a consequence!  IMG_0052

Blooming brides

All in all, hayfever and its consequences are not something any bride wants on her wedding day for sure. 4 in 10 brides worry that the symptoms will stop them from looking their best! If you’re planning a summer wedding and worried about the sneezing season, follow Alison Cullen’s handy top ten tips as part of your wedding  IMG_0344-vintage

Number 1

No wedding is complete without flowers. Find an experienced florist that can help you pick out low allergy or allergy-free options for your bouquet and table arrangements. Unscented roses (not the garden variety), unscented orchids and hydrangeas are a good starting point for hayfever sufferers!

Number 2

Opt for waterproof mascara for any watery moments if you’re worried about hayfever symptoms.

Number 3

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If the wedding or reception is being held on a lawn, ask the venue to mow the lawn two to three days ahead of time – freshly cut grass triggers symptoms.

Number 4

Keep eyes bright with a hypoallergenic range of make-up – there are good organic makes available too, which are less likely to contain allergens.

Number 5

Keep your veil down from the moment you leave the house until you’re safely in the church or venue, as a barrier to roaming pollen!

Number 6

Histamine can bring the skin up in a red and itchy rash, but topping up on vitamin C acts as a natural antihistamine. Before the big day, fill your with tasty anti-inflammatory foods like blueberries, blackberries, avocados, etc.

Number 7

Your body can’t make or store vitamin C, so it has to be available in low, consistent doses to support your nasal lining. Have low dose vitamin C tablets to hand during the day to keep you topped up, whilst you may be too busy to think properly about food!

Number 8

Spread Vaseline around the edge of each nostril to trap or block pollen. Reapply each time you blow your nose.

Number 9

Use the free A. Vogel hayfever app – available on iPhones and Androids – to check out the day’s pollen count. It uses GPS to find your location and shows forecast levels for trees, grass and weed pollen.

Number 10

Stock up on A. Vogel Pollinosan tablets – a natural remedy containing seven tropical herbs that work on all the symptoms of hayfever and allergic rhinitis, without drowsy side effects associated with some medicine. For best results, it can be taken a month before your symptoms usually start, or several weeks before your wedding date. a-vogel-hayfever-pollinosan For more health tips to make sure you’re feeling your best on your big day, head to our Health and Lifestyle section which is full of tips!