10 Ways To Get In Shape And STAY In Shape For Your Wedding Day!

Get into shape and stay in good health ahead of the New Year AND your wedding day. This quick guide will show you how to make small sustainable changes rather than giving yourself extreme limitations in an unrealistic timeframe. Get inspired by these 10 top tips for doing it properly – the sensible and healthy way. (Trust us, it works!)

10 Ways To Get Into Shape And STAY In Shape For Your Wedding Day

1. A healthy rate

A healthy sustainable weight loss is usually one to two pounds a week and even if doing everything correctly you might not always lose weight as its not a linear process. With that in mind start as early as possible and allow extra time for contingency. Unrealistic expectations can lead to disappointment. Also, weight isn’t the only indicator, so combine it with measurements (hips, waist, chest, arms, thighs), and photos, both of which can show progress where a scale might not, which could prevent unnecessary disappointment.

2. Motivation and mindset

There is more acknowledgement for mindset and its part in whether we quit or succeed. Things may not go as smoothly or quickly as we’d like, but in these circumstances just continue the journey and be kind to yourself. Use all of the wedding motivation you can, with some people starting motivation boards and motivation corners whether physical or online. However, a therapist taught me to schedule things and do them regardless of how we feel i.e. we shouldn’t wait until we feel like it, as that feeling might not come.  If we make gradual changes and include activities and healthy food that we like, it can make it easier and more enjoyable.

3. Calories are crucial

A calorie deficit is the proven method for fat loss for any type of diet. Keep the calorie deficit to a sensible amount as going too low could lead to a slower metabolism, reaching for unhealthy foods or quitting the process. The body is a survival mechanism, so too low calories and too much exercise can cause metabolism to slow. To calculate calories use a reputable source such as the UK National Health Service Body Mass Index website. Calories can be tracked on apps to ensure that calorie targets are met.

4. Food type affects weight loss, but 100% clean eating isn’t the solution

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Although calories are crucial, food quality also matters. High sugar foods will lead to higher blood sugar and cravings. Protein and whole foods keep you feeling full and they also take more energy to digest, meaning you get more food for the same or fewer calories. This is why whole foods are preferred to processed. That being said a 100% healthy diet is very hard to stick to, and wholesale changes also are hard to stick to. An 80-90% healthy diet with gradual changes is more likely to succeed.

5. Community support

Why not enlist the help of other wedding attendees such as family and friends. It will make the journey more enjoyable and give you more support during any setbacks. There are also plenty of free support groups on social media.

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6. Gentle daily activities burns calories

This is known as: Non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT). NEAT could have a bigger impact for burning calories than exercise. Try to include more walking, standing, and take the traditional advice of using the stairs instead of an escalator, standing rather than sitting, and getting off a stop earlier for commuting. A fitness tracker is a great way to measure activity; some mobile phones have this feature built in. Why not include fun movement activities such as walking in nature, visiting a museum or an event.

7. Fun and exercise

You don’t always have to do traditional exercise; you can also burn calories dancing, playing sports, and non contact boxing/combat fitness. These can be fun, social and some people even forget they’re exercising.

Structured exercise is still recommended due to it being measurable, and specific resistance exercise can tone and increase metabolism.  Two full body weights sessions a week is the recommended UK government amount. Cardio is recommended at 150 mins of moderate cardio, or 75 minutes vigorous; or you can use the suggestions of regular sports. Cardio and weights can be combined in circuit style exercises of which 2-3 sessions a week would be plenty, along with walking regularly.

8. Injury prevention

Keeping injury free will help you to stay active. Regular flexibility for the whole body can be done as a stretching programme after each session and you can also add yoga. This is especially important if you have a desk based job or sedentary job. Common tight areas are the hips and chest, and stretching the chest can help to limit shoulder injuries via better posture – as posture should be maintained during exercise. Always warm up beforehand, and use good technique during exercise.

9. Health can impact weight loss

Stress can affect food choice, and sleep. Lack of sleep from whatever cause can lead to feeling hungrier the next day due to two hunger hormones grehlin and leptin which are affected by lack of sleep. Vitamin deficiencies such as vitamin D have been linked with causing problems with mood, sleep, and immunity. Other hormones can cause issues with weight.  If you have any concerns visit your doctor.

10. There are no shortcuts, so stay safe

There are lots of people selling products online as a side or full income promising lots of fast results. Some products online can be dangerous or just ineffective and waste time which might not be available when preparing for a wedding. Stay safe and focus on healthy sustainable results, which will give a great feeling of accomplishment for your big day and for life.

Oliver Sholay is a personal trainer at oliversholayfitness.com