How do you make your big day extra personal? Here, Hannah Wilkinson reveals 10 wedding details that every bride could incorporate into her day…

Charitable donation

If there’s a cause that’s meaningful to you or your partner, why not make a donation rather than giving traditional wedding favours? Give each guest a card or pin badge so they know a donation has been made in their name to the charity of your choice.

A special someone

It can be heartbreaking if someone close to you has passed away and can’t be at your wedding, so find a way to include them somehow. Wearing a locket with a photo of you both inside is a lovely idea, or you can attach one to your bouquet. That way, it’ll help you to feel like they’re close to you while you say your vows.

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Something borrowed

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Although you might not want to wear your mum or nan’s wedding dress, you could perhaps borrow their veil for the occasion? This will not only be special for them, but will be much more meaningful for you – and it could be your ‘something borrowed’ too. S&S-182

Brooch bouquet

Brooch bouquets are a great idea for a wedding – they won’t wilt like real flowers and they make a fabulous keepsake after the big day. Incorporate family heirlooms or a choice of favourite items that are personal to you. You could also have individual paper or brooch bouquets for each of your bridesmaids. For a personal touch, why not get crafty and make them with your best girls before the big day?

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Extra special touch

There’s no better time to tell your partner how much they mean to you than at your wedding. While saying your vows to each other is great, why not surprise him with a poem you’ve written? Or if you’re musical, you could write and perform him a song! Not only will he appreciate the extra effort you’ve put in, but it will be much more personal and meaningful.

Hidden messages

While your wedding is a time for sharing your love with those closest to you, you can make the day extra special by including a little something that’s just for you and your partner to share. Having a secret message sewn into your h2b’s suit is a great idea that no one else need know about! James and Charlie Wedding-125

Family recipes

Does anyone close to you love to cook? Or is there a special recipe that’s been passed down through your family? If so, incorporate it into your wedding! From your buffet to your wedding cake, there are plenty of opportunities for your family to be involved, making it more meaningful for them and potentially saving you money at the same time.

Dreamy decor

The decor is a really important element for many brides, and what you choose should reflect you and your partner. For a personal touch, include your vows or handwritten messages into the decorations, or use items that reflect both your hobbies and interests.  David and Rebecca-738

Table numbers

We love the idea of numbering your tables after specific events from your life together. For example, one table could be named after the number of years you’ve been together and another could be the date you first met. Write a little description about each one to share the meaning with your guests. By being more creative you’ll definitely give your wedding a personal touch!  2013-04-20 00539

Perfect perfume

It’s normally the simplest things that are the most significant and meaningful. When you walk down the aisle, why not wear the first perfume your partner bought you? Or the perfume you wore on your first date? Scents can definitely trigger memories, so it’ll make the big day extra special for you both. 013_vicky-robin

Another way to make your day stand out from the crowd is to make some wedding details yourself. Get crafty with our easy DIY projects right here…