Walking down the aisle soon? One of the UK’s leading wedding planners, Isabel Smith gives us the lowdown on the top wedding trends that we’ll be welcoming in 2015…


Transparent design details are effortlessly chic, contemporary and ideal for creating new perspectives and space, especially within more intimate wedding venues. Details such as stationery (Cutture produce a stunning Cleartouch collection), and clear furniture can subtly feature, or this trend can completely dominate the décor of your wedding. Transparent marquee roofs and sides allow traditionally unseen scenic backdrops and natural light to be enjoyed.



What are they? Statement pieces that will take your guests’ breath away at first sight! Think floral walls, high impact wedding ceremony backdrops, and how about unusual versions of the dress, tiaras and headpieces.

Hanging decorations

Think aerial circus performers, hanging floral installations, suspended silk strands, origami, upturned umbrellas, balloons, trees suspended from the ceiling, and magnificent light installations. Hanging details from the ceiling is a top trend for next year, so get your guests looking up!

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Copper and aquamarine

These two colours don’t often feature together in designs but separately they are both bang on trend next season. Copper works the industrial theme beautifully and can also translate to metallic touches such as sequins, which can be used to create some decadent touches. Aquamarine adds bright and cheerful tones to a wedding design, and is the most flattering colour next to skin tones too. Planning a destination wedding? Aquamarine is a perfect accompaniment to alfresco style in the sun.

Unplugged weddings

Society’s social media obsession is at an all-time high. The unplugged trend rebukes the advances of Facebook (for one day only), with couples encouraging guests to ditch their camera phones and enjoy their nuptials, distraction free. A ration may be in place, where a listed time for taking photos is planned as part of your schedule. If you’re allowing guests to snap away during a certain section of the day, a share tool is great for collating all the memories of your wedding. Apps such as Wedpics host a real-time photo feed on your wedding day, and provide the ultimate photo and video sharing opportunity for you and your guests.


Invisible necklines

Screaming sophistication, this timeless trend leads the way next season. The bridal catwalks were filled with sheer necklines at this autumn’s wedding shows. It’s the ultimate cover-up too; a trend ideal for the colder winter months of you’re tying the knot sooner rather than later.

Industrial-style lighting

Think exposed brick work, minimalist design features and lights in abundance for a city chic wedding in a warehouse loft space. Alternatively, this trend works brilliantly outside in covered dining areas. Whether you’re getting hitched in NYC, London’s Shoreditch, or in a dreamy country barn, industrial lighting will be a huge feature at contemporary weddings in 2015.

WIM Industrial Style Lighting found on Found on modwedding.com

‘First look’ design

Planning your wedding and struggling to visualise your reception designs? Cue the emergence of the ‘first look’ trend that does the great job of bringing your ideas to life way before your wedding day. First looks can be sketches, watercolours, or actual mock-ups of table designs which give couples the opportunity to experience the look and feel of their selections at the planning stage. First look designs can also be delivered as 3D renders on CAD to enable a realistic look at what your wedding day is going to look like. Perfect for ironing out those little details well in advance!

Modern calligraphy

Fancy writing just got itself a fresh, new look; 2015 will see the trend of perfectly modern calligraphy continuing to inspire. The style? Contemporary meets luxury chic. Nothing beats the distinctly personalised feel that beautiful handwriting can achieve on wedding stationery.

www.gemmamilly.com - photo on the right by Rebecca Goddard Photography

Room of decadence

The original trend was the emergence of dessert tables; now many weddings feature a room of decadence where guests can indulge to the max. The room of decadence is now usually home to a number of elaborate food stations. Take a break from the dance floor to get wedged in amongst fine cheeses, or test your knowledge of the finer things in life with some wine tasting.

WIM Caper and Berry room of Decadence

Now that’s all sorted, it’s time to download your free wedding budget spreadsheet so you can keep your spending in check!