We do love a wedding abroad at Wedding Ideas, and right here we’ve got wedding planner, Victoria Morris of Sophisticated Weddings to offer you her top tips for brides looking to have their wedding in Italy.

Specialising in organising weddings on the Amalfi Coast – one of the trendiest locations for weddings abroad in 2015 – she really does know her stuff. Over to you, Victoria!


Enlist a wedding planner

It may seem obvious that this is the first thing on my list, but it is absolutely invaluable. Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life; don’t leave it to chance that you will be able to coordinate every finer detail of your wedding yourself. I have extensive knowledge of the local area, I speak Italian and I have established great relationships with local people which often means I can actually save you money, as well as time and stress!

Beware of wedding ‘packages’

I believe that weddings should be customised to you as an individual. That means your choice of ceremony venue, reception venue, flowers, cars, etc! Your wedding will be tailored to you for the best prices we can find. Often packages are made to sound like they include a lot more than they actually do.

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Legal paperwork

This is usually the most stressful part of an abroad wedding, particularly when you are not familiar with the procedures. I can remove this stress by telling you exactly what documents you will need and how the whole process works. I have dedicated contacts in Italy who work alongside me to ensure all your legal paperwork is in place.

Which location?

There are many things to consider when picking the exact location you want to marry in. Do you want an intimate ceremony to include just close family and friends? Or do you want a venue that can accommodate a larger group? What time of day would you like to get married? Do you want something historical or a terrace with an incredible view? Do you want a civil ceremony or a symbolic ceremony with personalised vows? The more information you give, the more wedding planners like me can inspire you!


Which reception venue?

Sophisticated weddings offer incredible venues for all budgets, from exclusive villas to five star hotels to smaller restaurants. There are many options you can consider, so think about your music, food and drinks. Talk to me about all your ideas, however big or small.

Think about the finer details, and of course the budget!

You may be pleasantly surprised at the cost of some of the venues we offer. Weddings abroad are typically a lot cheaper than getting married in the UK. This gives you an extra budget for all of those special extras such as local musicians, incredible wedding flowers and even ice-cream carts or fireworks!


Guests and accommodation

Think about the needs of your guests as well as yourselves when looking at accommodation available. I can help advise on locations of various hotels to ensure you choose something that fits perfectly.

Plan a pre-wedding visit

Picking a venue can be difficult, especailly if you have never been to the Amalfi coast before. Some of my brides and grooms plan a weekend trip over to Italy; we select your top venues and book you in to see them before you go, so you feel satisfied you do have the wedding venues of your dreams!


Think about post-wedding activities

Not only is it your wedding day but after, you get to spend time with your new husband, family and friends, so make the most of it by booking some memorable excursions. I can help plan activities to cater for all ages!

Enjoy planning and smile

Most of my brides love the planning stage – it doesn’t need to be stressful! I am always available to help you at every step of the way so  relax and count the days until your dream becomes a reality!

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