Wedding Ideas Award winners in 2012 Hugh Harris reveal their 10 top tips for looking good on the big day.

groomswear-tipsConsult with the bride

Talk to your bride. Be aware of what idea she has for you and what you have in mind. If they are two entirely different ideas, try to come to a compromise that will please you both.

Colour schemes

Are you having a colour scheme? If so, make sure you know what it is! Take a swatch to your appointment, which is the exact colour you need. If your cravat a few shades darker than it should be, your bride – and your guests – will notice.

Tying the knot

Can you tie your cravat or tie properly? A good store should explain how to do it well before the event. Keep practising until it becomes second nature and you can do it with your eyes closed!

Last-minute bookings

Don’t leave it until the last minute. Book your outfits well in advance. You don’t to be turning up to the wedding in something you’re not comfortable wearing.

Don’t be a hero

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It doesn’t matter if the bride sees what you’re wearing before the big day, so take her with you. It takes a brave man to choose his outfit without consent.

Accessories make the man

Braces, tie clips and cufflinks – make sure you have your accessories sorted in time for the big day. Hire or even buy them as a gift for your groomsmen, a lot of stores can custom make cufflinks to your liking so you can give them something personalised.

It’s your day, too!

Don’t compromise on your suits, you’ll want to feel special on your day and look the part. If the store you’re in doesn’t have what you’re looking for, move on. Your outfit is just as important as the bride’s wedding dress.


Build a relationship

Be confident with the staff in the store you choose. It’s all every well choosing an outfitters with great clothes but if you don’t get on with the staff, can you trust them with something as important as your wedding outfit? They should give you advice on what suits your frame best.

Tried and trusted

Choose a well-established store. The last thing you want to do is buy your outfits in a lovely new store only to find out six months later that it doesn’t exist. This is where wedding insurance comes in handy, too!

If the suit fits

Make sure all of your suits fit! If you’re hiring suits, try them on as soon as you can. If Uncle Frank’s trousers are too tight due to him putting on weight, even the best store can’t do much an hour before the wedding.

Many thanks to formal wear specialists Hugh Harris for these amazing top tips.