After you’ve carefully selected your dress, the wedding theme, the venue and a wow-factor cake, it’s now time to organise your bouquet.

If you want something unique that incorporates your wedding colours and even family heirlooms, Lindsey Hunter from Get Knotted has come up with 10 top tips for choosing your dream brooch bouquet.

Watch the video below Blue Sparkler Bouquet £85 - £350

The bouquet’s shape

The great thing about brooch bouquets are that they can be any shape you want them to be! So go unique and choose an eye-catching shape for your own bouquet. A heart, teardrop or crescent-shaped bouquet would look wonderful.

Add your own style

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Do you prefer brooches and jewellery in yellow or white gold? Add some personal touches and add some special details that scream you.

Black and Ivory Bouquet

Incorporate your colour scheme

Consider your wedding colour scheme in your bouquet. Add a just few hints of brights or pastels or go all out and really create a bouquet with the wow factor.

Special touches

Do you have any family brooches or jewellery that you would like to include in your bouquet? This is a great way to have a loved one close to you on your special day.

Be wary of your budget

Do you like vintage-inspired brooches and jewellery or actual vintage pieces? Be aware that older pieces may be more expensive.

Finishing touches

Consider whether you’d like other items added to your bouquet. These can include items such as lace, pearls, crystals or even a broken watch that can be set to the date and time of your ceremony.

Add some height

Think about whether you would like to add any height and movement to your bouquet. Crystals or pearls can be added to wire stems to give this fantastic result.

Consider your dress

Make sure the bouquet you’ve designed works with the dress you’ve chosen. Gold Heart Bou  quet £85 - £350 (lifestyle)

How tall are you?

Remember to consider your height compared to the size of your bouquet. If you are petite then a smaller posy bouquet would be more suitable.

Heads up!

Remember not to throw your brooch bouquet because they’re heavy! If you want to throw a bouquet ask your florist to make a small, inexpensive posy for someone to catch.

For more information about brooch bouquets and to discuss your requirements visit If you’re still planning your bouquet and flower arrangements, our Wedding Flowers and Bouquets section has everything you need!