Many brides choose the summer months of July and August for their wedding with hopes and dreams of a perfect blue sky day. And maybe – just maybe – you’ll get exactly that! We asked Katrina from Forget Me Not Designs for her top tips on choosing a dress for the warmer months, and here’s what she had to say…


I asked a bride who was in for a fitting yesterday why she had chosen February for her wedding date. ‘I didn’t want to be disappointed in the summer if the weather was bad,’ was her reply. And this got me thinking. Uncertainty about the British weather certainly makes choosing a wedding dress more of a challenge, so here are our top ten pointers to consider…


Look for a dress that has the option of a shrug or bolero to cover your shoulders. This can be useful to keep the sun from burning your shoulders as you stand to say your vows if you are outdoors, as well as a cover up if the day into evening gets chilly.


Natural fabrics

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Consider silk when you’re looking for a wedding dress for the summer. Silk is breathable and will keep you cooler if the weather gets sticky, as well as looking gorgeous at an outdoors celebration.


Don’t rule out lace

By its very nature, lace is full of holes but some types of lace can be heavy and warm to wear. Try a lighter Chantilly style lace for a cool soft romantic look in mid-summer.


Avoid the fishtail

The fitted mermaid dress could be considered too red carpet a look for an outdoor summer wedding. This is also a very warm choice as your legs will be close together. Try going for a looser, softer, country garden look – ideal for playing games on the lawn or even having a go on the bouncy castle.


Hoops equal happy brides!

If a big skirted dress has always been your dream, don’t panic. See if you can get a hoop stitched into the petticoat lining of your ball gown to keep the fabric away from your legs and allow the air to circulate. It will be a lot cooler for you keeping your legs free.

Be prepared

Surely the best way to keep the rain away is to invest in half a dozen umbrellas. There are plenty of suppliers who can provide you with white golfing style umbrellas for weddings and if you have them on standby it’s more likely not to rain at all!

Keep moving

Silk organza or chiffon will move beautifully in a summer breeze, creating a dreamy soft and billowing look. Choose this type of fabric if you’re having a boho or rustic feel to your day.


Go for the chop!

With plenty of air circulating around your legs you will not be in danger of over-heating in a short wedding dress. Plus you won’t have to worry about grass stains on your hemline as you walk across the gardens for those all-important photos.


Don’t get cold

If it’s the cold you are worried about, a pretty lace shrug or a pashmina worn elegantly around your shoulders will keep the chill at bay. There are also beautiful mohair cardigans out there to be found, so get searching.

Just go with it!

You can’t change the weather, so don’t waste precious moments of your special day worrying about it. Be happy and enjoy yourself, whichever season you marry in!

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