The upcoming summer months are the most popular for hen and stag parties, so leading party organiser’s have given us their best tips to make sure your night goes off without a hitch…

Line your stomach

You might have heard this one a lot from your mum when you were a teenager, but it’s as true now as it was then. Eating before your go out (especially something nice and starchy like pizza or pasta) will help keep your stomach in tact when the booze hits it.

Drink water

A few glasses before you go out, and a few during the night – not to mention, a lot the next day – will make a massive difference! Trust us when we say this…


Know your limits

The average bottle of wine contain 10.8 unites, whilst a pint is around 2-3 units. Men aren’t recommended to exceed 4 units per day, whilst for women, 2-3 units is the government’s recommended limit. We know you’re probably going to quadruple this (at least!) on your stag or hen do, but just think of your liver the next day and opt for a non-alcoholic option!

Choose wisely

Try not to mix your drinks too drastically; this leads to the worst handovers of all time. Darker drinks like red wine and whisky can also lead to worse hangovers due to their higher concentration of congeners.

Pace yourself

We’ve all got those friends who go off like a firework at the start of the night only to end up collapsed in a corner somewhere before the clock strikes midnight. To avoid being that friend, steady yourself with spirits mixed into long drinks instead of shots, or by making your beer a shandy.

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Plan ahead

Plan how you’re going to get home, and with whom. You could even pre-book your taxi home to avoid scrambling for a taxi number at the end of the night, and to make sure no one gets into an unlicensed cab.

Leave no man behind

Not even the one crying over the untimely death of his dog fifteen years ago, whilst hugging the toilet bowl. Keep track of your groom – you could even relive school trips and use a buddy system! And, if you’re planning to slope off early, make sure at least one person in your group knows where you’ve gone.

Swap numbers

One of the best things about stag and hen parties is that you get to meet the bride’s or groom’s friends from all stages of life – school mates, uni mates, work mates, random people they bonded with in the pub that time. Unfortunately this means you don’t always have each other’s numbers so make sure you swap at the start of the night, just in case!

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Walk away

Remember the point of a night out is to have some drinks and have a laugh with your friends. If someone else in the bar isn’t in the right mood, or is trying to stir up trouble, just walk away and enjoy the rest of your night.

Be prepared

Check you’ve got all the essentials with you – your phone, cash, ID, bankcard. And always, always make sure your phone is charged!

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