You’ve probably got a long, long list of what to do now you’re engaged and an official bride-to-be (your ‘Dream Wedding’ Pinterest board was most likely going a long time before that proposal – are we right?), but what about things not to do?

Turn into a bridezilla

Some may say that experiencing a bridezilla is a million times worse than Godzilla, because they really, really are that scary. That’s not an image you want to portray, is it now? You want to be the dainty little bride who has everyone falling at her feet with excitement and has everything in order. If you’re concerned that you might just be up there in the realms of monster-bride, take our quiz or read ‘5 things only a true bridezilla would understand‘ and find out.


Go wedding-crazy

Before you got engaged, you didn’t think that it would be possible to speak about weddings all of the time. Things change once the ring is on your finger, and some of you ladies don’t even realise it. Keep a tab on how your conversations with your friends go, because if you’re THAT girl that is all ‘My wedding this, my wedding that’, you might find people are less inclined to start up conversations with you. A bit of wedding chat every now and then is perfectly fine – who doesn’t want to hear about the updates on your wedding plans? But when you find yourself (somehow) changing the conversation topic from the socks that your best friend’s Grandma got her for Christmas to the chairbacks you’ve just ordered, it might be time to re-evaluate.

Grate on the groom

This kind of relates to the above. Going wedding-crazy might make someone very special to you go a little crazy with you: the groom-to-be! If you can’t switch out of bride-to-be mode or using the ‘I’m getting married’ excuse, it can get a little bit boring, or even too much for the poor guy. It might come across that there’s only one love in your life, your wedding. You don’t want to leave him out, do you! Spare the potential for second thoughts on the wedding, and chill out – take a break from that one day, and concentrate on the guy you’re spending the rest of your life with! The perfect excuse for weekly date nights? We think so.

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Diss the bridesmaids

They’re your go-to girls, aka the last girls you want to diss. There are a few things never to say to ANY of your bridesmaids, and it’s important you remember that they’ve got to have time to themselves. True, it’s a huge day for you, but you can’t expect them to drop everything they’ve got going on at the ping of a text message from you. If you chose them right, then they’ll be good to you, promise. Not chosen your best gals yet? Here’s how to spot a bad bridesmaid (avoid avoid avoid!).

Insult the in-laws

With all the wedding things and plans and decisions and everything flying around your head, you can get a little stressed out, and things can get a little heated. When things get too much, everyone and everything seems to annoy you; the stereotype of annoying in-laws becomes even more true than ever! Try to keep any bursts of rage private, even away from your groom-to-be if possible – they are his parents after all. If you really need to vent, pick a loyal bridesmaid who knows how to calm you down before anything else is said. Don’t ruin that perfect daughter-in-law image before you’re legally married, when it’s too late. Mwahaha (we’re joking… kind of).


Let the little things get to you

Like we said – it’s not only the in-laws, groom or bridesmaids that are annoying you, everything is, too. Letting the little things get to you – the things that others see as meaningless or trivial for a good reason – is an early warning sign of turning into a bridezilla. We love the little details, but never get yourself too hung up on them; it’s the bigger and must-have things (like a venue, food, a bride…) that aren’t at your wedding that are going to cause problems. #sorrynotsorry

Feel guilty

In this day and age, almost every couple that are planning a wedding have to stick to a budget. This means that your dream day may have to take some cuts, compromises or just clever DIY details. Don’t feel guilty about keeping the wedding smaller, or not allowing plus ones or children. You should never feel guilty about the things you’ve had to cut, whether for that budget or not! That might mean banning your cousins bringing their other halves because you want to spend more on a lush three-course meal. At the end of the day, it’s all about getting your day the way you want it.


Blow the budget

Speaking of that wedding budget: whilst it’s okay – common, even! – to go a little over it than planned, totally busting the budget for every part of the day is a bit silly. Wedding budget planning is something that all couples should do before the main things are decided, even if it doesn’t always work out how it was intended. You’ll spend a little more than you planned there, but a little bit less somewhere else; in the end end, it will kind of match up to the overall budget, give or take. Blowing the budget completely is not a good move, for you, and definitely not for your wallet.

Doubt yourself

And what about that dress you DID spend a little too much on? Are you now regretting it?Whilst it’s away being properly fitted, the doubt starts to kick in. Just stop right there. Think back to how you felt when you put it on in the bridal boutique, think back to your mum and your best friends tearing up, and think back to the moment you said ‘This is the one’. Emosh, right? Stop doubting your choice because we know when you get yourself back in that dress – and when it’s specially fitted to you – you’ll feel how you did when you first tried it on… if not, better because your big day is here!

Give up

When it all gets too much and your to-do list is never-ending, brides-to-be often want to lie in bed for days and never look at the checklist again. HOWEVER, this is exactly what not to do, ladies! And we think you already know that. Take a little break, maybe an evening off or weekend away where the words ‘wedding’ can’t be mentioned; you’ll probably realise you miss it after that. Just keep at it! You believe that you ever wanted to give up once the post-wedding blues kick in.

If you’ve found yourself doing all of these, you might just be an uncool bride – uh oh.