Choosing the perfect wedding band is a seriously big deal, and it’s important that you find one that you’ll love for years to come! Majesty Diamonds reveals it’s top tips on finding ‘The One’. CA004


Before you set out to find your perfect wedding band(s), you need to know your budget. In the United States, on average, couples spend 3 percent of their wedding budget on their rings. The average combined cost of a woman’s engagement ring and band in 2015 was approximately $6,000. For men, a simple wedding band usually sets them back anywhere from $350-$550. Depending on the style and quality of the band, the prices for a band can range from $250 to $2,000. If you are looking to keep your costs down, going with a simple 14K white or yellow gold band ($185 US to start) or a plain platinum band ($715 US to start) might be the best option for you. If you are looking for something with diamonds, a good quality 1/5 CTW diamond 14K white gold band typically costs $619 US to start.



Wedding bands are not only a symbol of love, but also an investment. A way to ensure that you are getting a quality band, is to purchase your rings from a trusted jeweler. Buying from a trusted jeweler doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune to get a quality ring. Look for a jeweler that offers a certificate of authenticity with your purchase, as this is a sign that they are a reputable business and that the product you are purchasing is of good quality. If you want your ring(s) to be made with ethical diamonds, look for a jeweler that guarantees conflict-free diamonds. Ideally, you will find a jeweler that offers a certificate of authenticity, conflict-free diamonds and has an easy and hassle-free return policy in place. A740

Gold, Silver or Platinum?

Gold has always been the preferred metal for wedding bands. The reason for this, is that gold is more delicate and tends to keep its lustre longer than other precious metals. Platinum is more durable as it is heavier in weight, and therefore more men’s wedding bands are made with platinum than women’s. Silver is the most affordable choice, but loses its shine more quickly than gold. It’s advisable that whichever metal you choose, that you treat your ring with the care it require – adding to the longevity of the ring.

Personal taste

A wedding band is for life, and so it only makes sense you would want a ring you’ll be happy wearing every day. Depending on your personality, the type of band you choose will be determined by your personal tastes and lifestyle. Are your tastes more classic and/or traditional? Or would you prefer a fashionable ring? Do you prefer comfort over style? Do you lead an active lifestyle? Does your work require you to wear a more simple style of band? These are questions you should answer before you start shopping. Today, wedding bands come in so many styles – from two-tone bands, semi to full eternity bands, black diamond bands, comfort-fit bands – it will be easy for you to find a wedding band that complements your personal taste and lifestyle.


Customized wedding bands are an option for people who want to design something truly extraordinary and specific to their personal tastes. Going custom means you can get the unique and one-of-a-kind wedding rings you have always dreamed about. If you do decide to go the custom route, make sure to look for a jeweler that creates a wax model of the ring(s) so that you can approve the final design before the rings are sent off to production.

To Mix or Match?

Nowadays, brides can mix and match to their heart’s content! Brides can pair their engagement rings with anything from gemstone rings to a tri-color wedding band. Men, too, have several options when buying their bands. From rose gold to platinum, a diverse range of styles are available to them. Brides and Grooms can still opt for matching sets, but can buy rings that suit their own distinct personality but also share a common design feature – like a rose gold band for her and a two-tone white and rose gold band for him – making their wedding rings the perfect and complementary set. SJ 040

Why not buy them together?

If you want your wedding bands to complement one another, the best way to do this is to go ring shopping together. When you make this a joint shopping venture, the soon-to-be bride can find a band that looks fabulous with her engagement ring, and the groom-to-be can find a band that pairs well with his bride’s. Trying rings on together is the best way to see how the styles and color look next to one another – holding hands and seeing how the rings look together is a sure way to find the right set.

Engagement ring

Another thing to consider when shopping for your wedding band, is how will it look paired with your engagement ring? The golden rule to follow, is never buy a wedding band that will out-bling your engagement ring. It’s also important to consider how the bands sit together, as sets tend to look best when the bands are similar in width. Another good piece of advice to follow, is if your engagement ring has a large center diamond, you may want to go for a shaped band that will interlock with the stone so that there is no visible gap between the bands.


Size matters

When buying your wedding band(s), always make sure you do the final ring sizing after morning hours, and ideally when your body temperature is normal. Your fingers swell for many reasons throughout the day. Everything from exercise, pregnancy, cold and hot temperatures, and times of day can impact the swelling of your hands.


Shop early

Buying your wedding bands is an important and life-long commitment, and so you shouldn’t feel rushed! Give yourselves at least 3-4 months to ring shop. You will want to give yourself enough time to go and try on several rings, do market research, and ultimately make the final decision with your partner about which bands you are going to purchase. If you go custom, or plan on getting your bands engraved, then you should give yourself even more time.

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