You knew you’d be excited and completely head over heels – but there are certain aspects of planning a wedding you probably never banked on! Emily Berryman reveals the 10 surprises that go hand in hand with wedding planning…

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You will blub over silly details

Whether it’s your inability to find the right colour cummerbund or the news that hydrangeas will be out of season on your big day, IBS (Irrational Bridal Stress) can cause even the calmest bride to crack over the smallest details. Just remember to take a deep breath and drink tea. Or wine.

Everyone will have an opinion on what you should wear/say/do

So your friend thinks matching bridesmaid dresses are ‘over’ and mum wants your first dance to be of Strictly Come Dancing proportions. Remember, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to use every pearl of wedding wisdom you’re given, so stick to your guns and have your day, your way.


You will talk weddings. ALL. THE. TIME.

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Maybe you busted your maid of honour rolling her eyes at your 1,000th wedding mention, or your workmate can recite every detail of your reception, despite not even being invited. These are all signs that you need some time out! Your sanity (and everyone around you) will thank you for talking about something else.

The dress you choose will be the opposite of the one you had in mind

If you hate anything overly fussy and picture yourself in a simple strapless number, it may be a surprise to soon find yourself cooing over the biggest, sparkliest gown in the shop and twirling like a princess.

Unexpected expenses will appear. Everywhere

So your venue ‘forgot’ to mention the dancefloor fee and whoops, the VAT hadn’t been added to your catering charges – safeguard your stress levels by adding a little wiggle room to your budget. Debt does nothing for a bride’s complexion.

You will question who you are marrying

Your groom totally ‘gets’ your quirky style – so why has he come out of the closet as a total traditionalist now you’re aisle-bound? Perhaps he can’t see your ceremony being held anywhere but his family church (even though he hasn’t been there since his own christening)? Remember, this is your man’s big day too, so listen to him and try to incorporate a few of his ideas into the mix! MR 0650

Your ability to describe things is limited

Your interpretation of ‘understated’ or ‘village fête’ is probably very different to your florist’s/ caterer’s/ mother-in-law’s, so when in doubt, bring a picture! After all, this is probably the only time a grown woman can get away with compiling a scrap book. Grab the Pritt Stick and mood- board like you mean it.

You will stress over your groom’s shrugs

You know your groom can’t wait to make you his Mrs, so why does he glaze over every time you explain the virtues of ganache over butter icing? Give the boy a break. The fact that he doesn’t feel passionately about your bridesmaids’ hair accessories or the napkin colour doesn’t mean your marriage is going to be doomed. Colm and Sara's Wedding (619)

Things might get (just a little bit) competitive

Your cousin having an X Factor finalist singing at her reception does not mean you have to hire One Direction. Competitive Wedding Syndrome can really take the shine out of the planning process, so try to keep all the glittery stuff in perspective and remember why you’re getting hitched in the first place.

You will shed many happy tears

Finally, prepare to bawl your eyes out at random moments like seeing your flowergirl’s dress for the first time, your dad writing his speech or your mum finding the perfect ‘something borrowed’. As you are about to discover, while your wedding will be the most special day of your life, the build-up can be pretty magical too. np079

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