We’re always here to help make sure that your wedding planning goes as smoothly as possible in the run up to your perfect big day, but we can’t help you so much with what other people other do or say whilst you’re planning away.

Here are some text messages that no bride-to-be wants to receive in the run up to their wedding day, and will, most likely, just scream at…

Please don’t let this be a remake of The Hangover


Do pinky promises still count when you’re in your twenties?


I better be Godmother or the ‘cool’ Aunty for this


That was not okay…

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Can someone else re-do the entire table plan then?


Um… *phones brother immediately*


I knew they were irresistible, but seriously?


Prepare yourself (and everyone else)


But I’M the one that’s meant to be late


It’s not like they’re important or anything


We just hope these don’t come through to your phone messages in the run up to your wedding or on the day itself because we can only imagine you’d find them a little bit annoying… Want to know what else is annoying for brides-to-be? These things that bridesmaids do.