Your hubby-to-be loves you just the way you are, however you may have some fitness goals of your own to prepare for the big day. Whether you want to tone up, improve your posture or find time to train, these fitness tips from the Technogym master trainer, will keep you feeling fit and energised for your wedding day with your the bridal body you’ve always dreamt of… Christina_Jon_Wedding_0390.fw

Make fitness part of your wedding planning

Finding time to work out may seem unrealistic with a wedding to plan. Make your fitness a priority when it comes to planning for your special day by setting an achievable fitness goal and sticking to it. Some examples may include losing a dress size, toning up or losing body fat. Whatever your fitness goal, set yourself a realistic timeline to achieve it. Assess your typical week and allocate time in your calendar to train. Write it down as though it were an appointment. That way, there is a greater chance that you’ll get it done.

Get your partner involved

Working out with your partner, creates an element of competition and extra motivation to achieve your goals. If you both commit to a fitness program, you will both be more likely to follow through and not let each other down. To achieve a sustainable, healthy lifestyle, make exercise part of your routine as a couple. Replace a night in-front of the television with a gym session or fun fitness class, go for regular walks and compliment this with healthy, nutritious meals.

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Mix things up and try new things

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To stay motivated, do an exercise activity that works for you. Find an activity that is stimulating, challenging, enjoyable and gets you along. Be imaginative and innovative in your exercise selections, make them represent your own personality and keep them fresh. Joining a gym can be a great way to try new types of exercises such as spin, yoga or pilates. If you need to kick-start your fitness, meeting with a personal trainer regularly is a great way to revisit your training goals, plan your programme, and push you to your limits.

Core stabilising and tummy tightening

Other than toning our tummies, developing core strength provides major physical health benefits including improving posture and strengthening the spine. Technogym’s Active Wellness Ball optimises the time you spend sitting by working your core, trunk and back muscles. A QR code on the handle gives you instant access to a health questionnaire, suggested exercises, and synchronises with your Outlook calendar to automate regular exercise reminders. Core and spine strength combined with good posture is vital for wearing your wedding dress (particularly if it’s heavy) and also wearing wedding heels all day. To transform your posture, increase core strength and even burn calories at the same time, replace your desk or lounge chair with an Active Wellness Ball.

Sweat it out and HIIT it hard

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the most efficient and effective way to train. Workouts involve performing exercise bursts at maximum intensity, with minimal rest periods in between. HIIT workouts allow you to workout anytime of the day. Short, sharp high intensity training efforts such as sprint shuttles, burpees, boxing, cycle hill climb efforts and skipping will get your heart rate up and get you sweating.

Tone up the arms and upper body

Upper body strength is not always the focus when it comes to a woman’s training programme and is an area that is commonly overlooked. To achieve that flattering appearance in your wedding dress, start incorporating upper body strength training into your workout program to tone your arms, shoulders and chest. Not only will you make your workout more challenging, you’ll burn more calories too. The Technogym Wellness rack makes it easy to work out at home. Simply load up the handlebars and away you go.

dream-bridal-body-WBAS_product image_with model 2Got to get up to get down

Jumping, combined with deep squatting motions are fantastic for shaping the entire lower body, especially the glutes! At maximum effort, complete one set of 15-20 jump squats. Aim to jump as high as you can for every effort and land as controlled as possible in a low squat position. For an easier option, complete 15-20 regular body squats, (without the jumping motion). Aim to lower your body as low to the floor as possible, keeping your chest high ensuring your knees don’t role in.

Move to music

Music and video are fantastic ways of escapism during exercise, good for the mind and soul as well as the body – it is a great way of pushing harder in your workout sessions by keeping up with video routines or music beat structures whilst also not having to concentrate too hard on the finer details of the workout.

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Create your space at home

It will get cold, dark and uninspiring outside in the winter months and time can get the better of us. If you can’t get to the gym, then set yourself up with an at-home workout. Working out at home can be as effective as going to the gym with some basic functional training movements such as jumping and running. Functional training can be done anywhere, anytime and is effective in achieving a whole body workout. To take your workout to the next level, use a pair of wellness weights or an wellness ball if you want to take your workout to the next level.

Measure your progress

Use of health applications is the largest trend in the health and wellness industry right now; if you want to ensure you are making forward strides towards your goals and want to keep your motivation high then you want to know how things are going. Mywellnesscloud allows you to track your body measurements daily such as waist circumference, body weight, body fat percentage and basal metabolic rate which you can then chart the progress graphically to show how you are doing.

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See more information from Technogym right here, or find out how to achieve a gorgeous glow in time for your wedding day!