Being a bit on the short side has its struggles in day-to-day life, as well as wedding planning. So petite brides-to-be, here’s the classic scenarios to relate to, or to look out for… Elizabeth + Graham {Pembroke Lodge Wedding)-373

Dress shopping

Before you’ve started trying on wedding dresses, you’ve probably already got something in mind. In fact, you’ve probably got a whole board on Pinterest just for dream dresses. However, finding the one doesn’t come as easy as clicking ‘Pin it!’ for you lovely petite brides, does it? Before you know it, you’re drowning in an ocean of tulle and lace – and that’s just one dress. Don’t even get us started on veils… Sarah + William 290314-406

Heel height

A major dilemma for brides of all sizes: heels or no heels? Most of the time, brides will opt for the more comfortable option, either a pretty pair of flats or a compromising heel height. But what are us shorties meant to do? Stay short with a pair of flats where I’ll be to enjoy my day with zero complaints about sore feet, or be complaining about absolutely everything when the skyscraper heels get too much? If it stops your guests from seeing your renowned dance moves, we think you know the answer…  michelle&jon-51 - Copy

Short genes

Ah, those cruel things: genetics. Not only is the wedding dress shopping a struggle, but finding a bridesmaids dress that suits your equally short sister as well as your strangely tall cousin (on your dad’s side) might just be worse. This is where it might help to take up a new skill in using a sewing machine, and learn the artful ways of hemming. This better be worth it. Hollie&Paul-128

Down the aisle

Your day is here! As you walk through the doors of your ceremony venue, you see your groom at the end of the aisle… and you start to run toward him. Why? No, not because you’re too excited to see him, but because you can’t keep up with the fast-pace of your ridiculously long-legged bridesmaids. In fact, the flowergirl could even be walking faster than you. 2013TRP_Neal&Wendy_highres166

Tall groom, short bride

Even before the big day, you couldn’t get the image of what the guests will be seeing – a humungous man in a suit and a little tiny woman in a big white dress next to him standing at the alter. Even if he’s not that tall, you feel you make him look about 6ft5. Forget being nervous about the vows, you’re just there considering if it would be possible to ask for a box to stand on before the words of ‘You may now kiss the bride’ are spoken. 224lukelaurawed

Group photos

The memories of you being stuck at the back for the photo of the whole congregation at past weddings you’ve been to come flooding back. It’s fair to say you’re feeling pretty smug standing neatly and in clear view at the front on your big day. Then for the specific group shots. By this point you’ll be starting to regret your choice of bridesmaids, and come to realise that you go for a certain ‘type’ of friend – tall!? 2013-07-27 00202

Aerial view

It’s not uncommon for photographers to opt for an aerial or ‘from-above’ shot of wedding guests, not forgetting the up and coming trend of drone photography. It’s possible that the photographs may come out with you looking like you’ve got no feet, and/or that you are melting into the ground. Plus, two words: neck cramp. &    spb-256

Keep it short

More and more brides are choosing to make a little speech themselves on their wedding day, and we say you should definitely go for it! But shorties, be warned – after a series of speeches from the male family members, there’s going to be that classic issue of the microphone being too high. If only your mouth was on your forehead…

When you’re not speaking, your sitting behind the table feeling like your chair is incredibly low. Looking to your right, you see that no, your groom’s chair is exactly the same height as yours, you’re just incredibly small.  Eve and Glen - IMG_2755

Crowd surfing

So, you’ve been super excited ever since you booked your wedding entertainment. You even organised it so that they’re going to play covers of all your and your hubby-to-be’s favourite songs! They’re playing, and you’re dancing away absolutely loving it, until you realise you’re trapped in a labyrinth of people – HUBBY, WHERE ARE YOU? Ian and Jess wedding1236

Cutting the cake

With a wedding cake, you kind of expect several tiers, whether that’s of round cakes, square cakes, cupcakes or pork pies. But when it comes round to that age-old tradition of cutting the cake together, you can’t even see the top of it, let alone cut it. Handling a sharp knife without being able to see much doesn’t sound fitting to Health and Safety. Rusty and Lucy's Wedding (636)