We all love a winter wedding, there’s something about them that oozes romance. However, winter can bring problems for most of us especially when it comes to our skin. So we’ve teamed up with bridal beauty experts, Beauty Call to reveal their 10 top tips for looking radiant despite the cold…

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In winter, our skin suffers due to the cold weather outside and the central heating inside, try combatting this by drinking lots of water and moisturising your skin daily, try using a water-based moisturiser as this will attack your dry areas rather than using oil based products.


There’s no point using a great moisturiser if it’s only going on top of dead, flakey skin. Your make-up needs a prepped canvas and the best way to do this is to exfoliate once a week; try to avoid exfoliating any more than this as your will make your skin sore and red!

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Use a primer

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For a flawless application of make-up, apply primer after your moisturiser. This will ensure your make-up lasts the duration of your day and evening, and it helps with the application of your foundation too, creating a smooth and flawless look all over.

Prep your pout

To avoid chapped lips in winter, lightly exfoliate them by applying lip balm and brushing your lips with a toothbrush gently and in circular motions. Another way to prep your lips before the big day is to apply a lip balm containing Bees Wax just before you go to bed on the night before you wedding, so you wake up with smooth lips.

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If you cannot get rid of those blemishes or dark circles under your eyes, then concealer is essential. Getting the right colour is extremely important. If you have blue and purple tones under your eyes, pick a more salmon yellow to hide the circles. Always dab lightly under your eye so that you’re not using too much pressure; use your ring finger to apply.


Choose a foundation that is right for your skin – in winter a liquid or cream foundation will work best. Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich Foundation is ideal for this.

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To create that natural healthy glow, try using a cream highlighter on top of your foundation along your cheek bones and on your cupid bows. MAC Strobe Cream is perfect for this, or alternatively, try No7 Instant Radiance Highlighter.

Natural glow

To make sure you’re glowing on your wedding day, but not look orange, lightly contour your face with a bronzer. Make sure you only place bronzer where the sunlight would naturally hit your face – lightly in your hairline, temples, top lip and nose. To add definition to your cheek bones, apply bronzer in the soft part of your cheek under the bone, finally finish off the glowing look by applying bronzer to the apples of your cheeks.

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Smokey eyes

The perfect look on your wedding day to make your eyes pop would be a soft smokey eye with a slight shimmer and winged liner. To help get your eyeliner picture-perfect, apply a small piece of tape from the edge of your eyebrows to the corner of your eye; this will help guide you to the perfect shape. If you struggle with your eye make-up and don’t want to ruin your foundation, try doing your eyes first.


Eyebrows have been the hot topic this year, make sure your brows are the right shape. If you are plucking them yourself, do so a couple of days before your wedding day to avoid redness. Your eyebrows should always start by aligning with your nose, your arch should be at the back third of your eye and should not exceed in length past your eye. When finishing off your make-up look, take an angled brush and use an eyeshadow to add definition – MAC’s Coquette is a good choice for most hair colours.

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With the professional mobile service at Beauty Call, you can guarantee to be a glowing, glorious bride, so check them out for your big day. For more bridal beauty ideas, head to our Wedding hair and make-up section!