Sometimes bridezilla-mode takes over you without you even realising, and that’s not something you want to happen. Don’t ignore these signs that show you’re being an uncool bride-to-be! © Amy Murrell 2011-146

Lying about costs

Every bride and groom should set themselves a wedding budget to at least try and stick to. Keeping a completely list of what you need to buy, how much you’re willing to spend on them, as well as the amount you ended up spending on each item, is a great idea to keep on top of it all.

And by that we mean an honest list. No pretending to your hubby-to-be that your dress shopping trip didn’t almost double the amount you had planned to spend, even if your wedding shoes were an incredibly reasonable price. MR 0660

Bad bridesmaid dresses

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It’s a scenario that we all joke about: the bride dressing the bridesmaids up in absolutely horrendous dresses, just to make sure that they don’t show the bride up on her special day. But no real bride actually thinks it… do they?

If the thought even crosses your mind to dress your bridesmaids in outfits so ugly that they could make a mirror break, that’s seriously uncool. We would suggest you re-evaluate immediately, and head to the shops for some showstopping numbers for your best girls. Michelle-Simon-049

Obnoxious Facebook posts

We’re not saying hold back on the excited Facebook statuses and tweets about getting married, and definitely not saying hold back on the ‘We’re engaged!’ selfies, but there’s a line…

Endless updates on every single aspect of your engagement and wedding planning journey can not only get a little much for those coming, but what about those who can’t come or weren’t invited? Think before you post, ladies! Proctor1098

Non-stop wedding chat

It’s inevitable that you’re going to be super excited about the fact you’re getting married, and so are we! But there comes a time when the wedding chat can get a little too much.

When all that’s coming out of your mouth is mention of tulle, tailcoats and cupcake towers, don’t be surprised if your friends and family start to doze off in your company. Shore219

Kicking off at the hen party

So the hen party is traditionally the one thing to do with the wedding that is out of the bride’s control, and all down to the maid of honour and the bridesmaids! This can seem a bit frightening to lots of people – bridezilla or not.

However, kicking off because it’s not exactly what you want is a no-go if you want to be a cool bride-to-be. Your girls have put effort into something – appreciate it! Otherwise you might lose a few bridesmaids…


Obsessing over weight loss

It’s not unknown that some women want to lose weight for the big day, and that’s fair enough. However, it’s not fair enough when it stops you from having that weekly night out with your best friends, or worse: you try and make them join in.

Weight is not everything – confidence is! And no matter what your size or shape, you will look and feel absolutely fabulous on your big day. So should everyone! We’ve got some top tips on How to be a completely confident bride if you’re feeling dubious… Natalie & Mark-104

Ignoring the groom

It’s that control thing again, isn’t it? Ignoring the groom is one of the most obvious signs that you are a complete and total bridezilla.

Forgetting the rather important fact that marriage is about two people and the wedding day is to celebrate that, is a bit of a problem. It’s his day too, so you need to make sure you’re asking for his ideas, his opinion, and his help! a&jW478

Not accepting help

Talking of help – get as much as you can! There’s no point in getting yourself over-stressed by taking it all on yourself. Refusing help comes across kind of silly, and a bit rude…

That DIY bunting you’ve got in mind is the perfect excuse to get your girls over for some bridesmaid bonding time. And can you really see you having time to bake up that whole dessert table by yourself? and Lucy (381 of 705)

Unreasonable demands

So, there’s not accepting help, but then there’s maybe asking a little too much of your bridal party and the rest of your guests. Yes, you are the bride, but no, you cannot expect to get a positive response about your tendency to send demanding text messages at 3am.

Sit down and schedule in who can do what and when they can do it to avoid these kind of stressed out bride-ly blips. Everyone else has lives too!

Perfectionist pitfall

When the big day has arrived, you’ll be feeling a nice little combination of nervous and excited – don’t add crazy to the list, too.

Going loco over the smallest details like a balloon slightly higher than the others, or a fork not totally straight isn’t something you need on the morning of your wedding, and quite frankly, is pointless. Just enjoy your day (without any worry about the cutlery)!  Lucy&Jon348