We asked Veromia, the designers of the figure flattering, super stylish Dress Code range of tailored outfits for mums for their top tips for ways to get your mum involved…

If you’re lucky enough to still have a mum around and enjoy a great relationship with her, you’ll be wanting her to get involved in the biggest day of your life. It goes without saying that ground rules need to be set down, and of course you musn’t assume that she wants to get involved… Ask he before you plough in, armed with a list as long as your arm! When it comes to weddings, honesty is always the best policy.

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1 It’s her job to be the main contact point for suppliers if you are getting married in your family’s home town or village and if you don’t live there yourself. You will need to have regular meetings, so that she knows exactly what’s happening when and exactly what you expect from all your chosen suppliers.

2 Help you choose your dress. If it doesn’t make her cry when you put it on, it’s not the one!

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3 Submit the names and addresses of everyone to be invited from your side of the family. (And correspondingly, the groom’s mum on his side.) Prepare for some disagreements, but essentially you set the rules. This is your wedding, and generally if your hubby to be has not met them, they probably shouldn’t be on the list.

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4 Work with you on what she wears on your big day. Go shopping with her, making that a special day together, too. Naturally, you will want her to co-ordinate with you and your bridesmaids, but she must feel comfortable and stylish. She’s going to be appearing in your photographs forever, too.

5 Escort you down the aisle if your dad isn’t around, or if that’s what you want. In some weddings, especially Jewish ones, both parents escort the bride down the aisle. This is one rule that it’s OK to break.

6 If you’re having a Christian wedding, it’s normal for the mother of the bride to come in last before the bridesmaids, to sit on the pew right behind you during the ceremony and to leave the church first after the newlyweds.

7 Stand, pride of place, in the receiving line, greeting all of your guests.

8 Sit on the top table if you’re having one. Ask her if she’d like to say a few words. We’re all for everyone with something to say pitching in with a speech!

9 Dance with the father of the groom as your guests join in your first dance.

10 Be there for you; be that all-important shoulder to cry on. She’s been there for you all your life, so it makes sense that you will want her to give you a reassuring squeeze or some words of encouragement when you need them most.

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