Your wedding stationery is a seriously important part of your wedding day, as it sets the tone for your big day and also gives your guests a glimpse of what is to come! If you’re planning a DIY wedding, start at your stationery!

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Pocketfold Invites explain why it’s super easy and effective:

• Making your invitations can save you up to 50% of the cost of having them handmade for you.
• Using Pocketfold Invites for your DIY wedding invites means you do not have to compromise on quality, our designers have handpicked the finest quality card from the most prestigious paper mills around the world.

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• Bling it up, cost effective embellishments can make your invites look complete classy. From ribbon to buckles and sliders bring your invitations to life with a stunning embellishment.
• Have a night with your friends making the invites, this will mean you have your invitations made for you whilst making your friends are part of the build up to the big day.

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pocketfold-invites-1954 Pocketfold1428
• Information is key! Guests can have all the information in one simple Pocketfold Invitation, directions, a reply and accommodation all in one handy invite!
• Adding a small touch of your own means that the invitations are personal to you.

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• You do not need to be an expert crafter to attempt this, we offer a few options where we can print your invites for you to assemble yourself or DIY so that you print and make it yourself. Our products are so good that even the most simple of invites can look elegant and classy. It is so easy to put together even a man can do it!
• The huge amount of colours available means that you can get the desired look . How about adding a hint of colour the same as your bridesmaids dresses to the invitation, even add a simple satin bow to finish the invitation off.

pocketfold-invites-1954 Pocketfold1428
• Having a Pocketfold Invite reply card means that you save yourself stress, it ensures that guests have an easy way of replying to your wedding invitation and helps you compile that all important guest list.
• With matching place cards, creased card we have it covered for your DIY wedding stationery requirements whilst keeping the wedding budget under control.

pocketfold-invites-1954 Pocketfold1428

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