Top performers Adonis Cabaret give us 10 top reasons why you should book a cabaret for your last night of freedom.

adonis cabaret

Everything under one roof

Food, drink, entertainment and a bit of a boogie with all your favourite friends all in one place. Staying in one location for the whole evening means no-one will get lost while you’re bar hopping and you spend more time having fun!

Fantastic fun!

Enjoy a great atmosphere from the minute you arrive until you leave. Cabarets have a long history of providing varied, often racy and very lively entertainment. Just perfect for a hen night.

Something for everyone

Cabaret’s are a fab mixture of stand-up comedy, theatre and music. These often include social themes and political satire.

Exotic glamour

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Bring a touch of exotic glamour to your night with unrivalled burlesque, cabaret and musical entertainment.Watch their dazzling cabaret performers and join in the fun on your last night of freedom.

Hilarious evenings

Adonis cabaret’s are a roller coaster ride of fit and funny entertainment all night long. It’s hilarity that you will never forget!

Fun for everyone

Fun and games for the whole group, interactive variety acts, sing-a-longs and comedy routines and suitable for your mother-in-law to be and even your granny.

Handsome guys

Hilarious, handsome guys will entertain the whole group all night long. An all-singing, all-dancing carnival of party entertainment that just cannot be topped.

Cheeky fun

You may be thinking a bawdy night of entertainment, in a way yes, a bit risqué and sexually suggestive, but all done in the best possible taste!

A fun interactive evening

The drag queen host will get you on your feet, singing along with all the classics and host your whole evening and make sure that it’s fun from beginning to end!

All singing and all dancing

An extravagant floor show of dancing, singing and other entertainment that will have you all calling for more!